Next step, Raspberry Pi 4b, what data storage

Hi all! Question for Raspberry Pi 4 guidance.
You have nice links to share related info to my minimal objective and ultimate goal?

There a lot of info on the web but most I’m finding are 2 to 3 years old, so I’m not sure if it’s still valid and often ending on HAT setup, DAC SPDIF connection , etc. This is not my path.

Minimum objective:
Get RP4, to stream UPnP my flac files with Asset (transcode .wav)Also maybe Minimserve free too. I used to run both on my old NAS so this part should be ok.
Connect data storage for music files who will use the optimal speed out of the RP4

**Best data storage devices, SD, SSD, speed, spec, in this context is mainly where I’m getting lost and need more help.

Ultimate goal:
Get Qobuz into my old and lovely Superuniti and UnitiQute
(I’m using direct Tidal and Spotify at this time, but I’m hoping for a better experience with Qobuz and kick out Tidal).
Look like this Naim thread provide good info. I’ll start here for the Qobuz part: Setting a BubbleUPNP - help - #5 by jmtennapel

Thanks in advance!

For those who have time and like the full stories :slight_smile: :

Planned spec:
-All devices will be wired ethernet cat6 (no PoE so far), so data will go from the RP4, to the switch, then to the Naim Superuniti internal DAC (same for the Qute).
-RP4b, 8gig
-Passive cooling with aluminium case
-Storage minimum 500gig, max 1tera. This is my main concern.

  • SD and thumb drives do not seems to be the best way performance wise(?)
  • SSD, interested in M.2 shape, NMVe type, event though it’s over kill. But I could go SATA III as well, or ??? Format NTFS, EXT4?, other.
    Also have concern about power hungry storage, I would really prefer something the USB could feed without adding a second PS just for a NMVe.
    -Data will be transferred from Windows system to the storage device.

I dont care much (I guess) to boot with SD or SSD. I’m planning to leave the RP4 running 24/7 after setting up.
-PS : 3.5A USB-C included in kit
-Best OS to use in this context: Not sure for that point, I will dig info on the web.
-Planning to use Bluetooth keyboard and IPad as screen. If there are too much draw back (complex setup and/or other) I can use USB keyboard and HDMI tv wired for setting up stuff, then unplug when all is working.

Most of those come from Canakit web site (CanaKit Raspberry Pi 4 Starter MAX Kit - Aluminum). External storage will probably come from Amazon I guess.

I’m really no IT type of guy, but in the past I have managed to setup and run a Synology NAS (with a few overtime hours on night shift :wink: ) and also pass an old Windows laptop to Linux. So I’m hoping to get through this fun challenge too! :slight_smile:


Bubble server works fine on a Pi.

We had it installed for a while when we had our 272, long since gone.

Never tried Asset on a Pi, as we have a Synology NAS, but the instructions on the dbPowerAmp forum look pretty straightforward.

If you get stuck, shout.

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The Pi 4b 8gig is now getting boxed for shipping. :blush:

With what I see from my research, I’ll definitely go M.2 NMVe drive. No idea which one and what will be adaptor but it’s heading that way. I’m still hoping for a setup that won’t require a second power supply.

If you have similar SSD drive feel free to share your experience!

You can buy a USB 3 to NVMe adapter. Or you get NVME hats, probably more aimed at using it as a boot disk but fine for external storage too.

Never bothered myself because we use a NAS for storage (and our Core music store) and running Raspbian from a SanDisk A1 microSD is fine, performance wise. Our boot disk is 256GB, of which a tiny fraction is used.

Thanks for the info!
I saw those hats, it seems to work well but I won’t be able to use one (I think) because of the RP case I bought. It’s an aluminum one with contact on the cpu for passive cooling instead of a fan.

There’s a nice deal on Amazon for a Samsung 970 EVO plus NMVe 1T. I know it’s way over kill for a RP but I don’t mind. I will run some speed test and see. I need to be careful too, trying to avoid power hungry step up that USB won’t be able to feed. Worst case I have a laptop who is dreaming of a M.2 upgrade. :wink:

Just curious, why you run Raspbian when you could run most server like Minimserv and Asset straight from the Synology DSM?

We run Asset from our Synology NAS. Can’t tell any difference between content served by our NAS and content served over ethernet from our UnitiCore.

We now run Raspbian to provide Tidal Connect Max (up to 24/192) to our naim boxes, mainly in the office when I’m working, via SMSL Pro.

But over time (especially when we had 272) we’ve experimented with all sorts, including Bubble Server and other software such as uPNP servers on Pi. We had hifiberry OS for a while providing hires audio feeds to SU.

Have just bought a new 4B for permanent install in office for the long term purpose of providing hires to SuperUniti (current office Pi is a 3B).

We will end up with a 4B with output options of SPDIF via hifiberry hat, or SPDIF via USB->SMSL. Initial listening tests showed the SMSL route was preferable, but time will tell.

Very interesting!
Thanks for sharing!
I did not received my first RP yet and you are making me think about a phase two already. :wink:

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