Next upgrade Step?

Appreciate some advice on next upgrade step. I have a NAC 282 / Hicap, NDX 2, XPS Dr, and an older NAP 250-2. I was considering replacing my NAP 250 with the new classic 250 model ? I think that would give me the option to start migrating to the new classic series (eg 332) or keep climbing the classic ladder by purchasing a supercap and NAC 252. However, I am not sure if it would make more sense to just head straight to a supercap and 252 then upgrade to the New Nap 250? Appreciate any thoughts and views from forum members. Thx

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What’s wrong with your current system? And, if you want to close any gap, what’s your budget? I know what I’d do, but we need to understand the problem first.

Maybe get some speakers.

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It depends on where you see your final (for now) system. If general improvement I’d look at 252/SCDR and then 300DR. If you really want to move to NC, I’d go 350 and then later replace the 282.

You need to listen to the combinations somewhere before deciding.

But at least his quiet bits are inky black.

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Everything is inky black. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Budget? Are you happy buying s/h? Tells us about your speakers too

What do you like/dislike in your current system?


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It would help to know what speakers you’re using. It depends what your budget is and potential end game system. Are you thinking of going over to new classic or staying with original classic.

That would never have been a question before NC. The answer would have been get 252 and Supercap DR, then get 300DR, or depending on speakers 250DR.

Now, with NC there are quite a few going down the 332 350 route for amplification, without NPX power supply to start. So things are more open. Added to that prices for OC have tanked and there are deals out there, which weren’t possible before.

With the buyers market it brings OC products in reach which weren’t previously.

Slowly new classic gear is becoming available on used market which included the 222, NPX300 and 250 regularly coming up for £4500 each. Within 6 to 12 months we will start seeing used 332 and 350s trickling on to the market.


Thanks all I am using KEF R3 meta speakers as I have a very small room. I don’t think there is a problem with the system just looking for further incremental improvements in overall sound, a bit more bass and more crystal clear volume. Maybe the speakers?

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Do you have a good system support and dedicated mains? If not I’d do that before changing boxes. As to the room, how small is very small?


You have a good balanced system. If the room and speaker positioning are a limitation not sure I’d buy more boxes before maximising what you have, as HH says. Maybe audition some different speakers? I found an SL interconnect improved both bass definition and treble purity. Easy to try at home.


Can’t answer your question really but I can assure you that a NC250 works very well with a 282 / HICAP. Maybe given the age of your 250.2 and the need to get it serviced soon now is the time to take the plunge?

System support I have a single rack ATACAMA Eris bamboo shelf rack with 5 shelves. Hicap and nap sc on the bottom shelf, going up is the xps dr, nap 250, NAC 282, ndx 2 on top. I have the amp directly plugged into the wall and all other components on a high quality multiplug power supply.
The room is odd shaped at 215cm wide, 464 cm long with a 230 cm high ceiling that is sloped on either side as it’s on the third floor. It’s an extra room in our house and really the only place I can get peace to listen to music. I have the speakers positioned along the long wall about 1 m from either corner. And 30 cm away from the back wall. It’s not ideal but if I sit against the opposite wall the soundstage is good but not optimal.

Chop the XPS DR in for a S/H 555ps…
you’ll definitely notice the difference.

Thanks for the feedback. I think ultimately I will move to NC, but as you say the old classic OC is more economical now and frankly I don’t mind used equipment. There are loads of suggestions to my query that I will try but one of the options I was considering was upgrading to a NAC 252 / super cap in the short to medium term then fully moving to NC when there may be a few more used pieces floating around. However, I was thinking my amp needs upgrading (bought new in 2009) or at least servicing so maybe now is a good time to bite the bullet and get the new 250. I’m not so sure after the feedback which is precisely why I posted the question.


It’s clearer now to me what you want. I have a 52 with Supercap and it’s a brilliant preamp. A 252 is the successor to the 52 and is also brilliant. You may find it is all the preamp combination you ever need.

You will get a good deal on a 252 and Supercap. There are a fair few NC 250s available at dealers at the moment for around £4500. If you can just bite the bullet and get a 250NC then your power amp side is done for the long term.

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And I think that the speakers should be fine. Once you’ve finalised your amplification and are sure you’re happy with the source, you could look at different speakers.

Speakers will make a big difference. Personally I changed out later on in the system development.

Hi Strandra

I’m with Dan

I would move to the 252/SCDR combo as the first step

It’s a fantastic preamp combo ( some prefer your 282 but I don’t) and will give greater detail and insight into the music

Good deals going on at the moment. You may find that’s all you need so live with it for some time.

You can then decide down the track if you move to the NC250 but no hurry on that . With your small room and speakers you already have enough grunt


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Exactly Bevo, The 250.2 is a really good power amp.

Maybe just do one upgrade at a time and see what you think.

The used prices on NC kit will go in one direction only, which is down. So you could bide some more time.

That is very narrow, but overall I wouldn’t describe it as very small.