NIC vs Wireless

I have my NAIM Atom connected via the onboard NIC and just realised that it’s only 100 MB FE.

What method are you using to connect ?

I can get 180Mbps from my phone to my wireless AP and I suspect the wireless antenna in the NAIM is much better that what is in my phone.


For streaming CD quality music, you wont need anything like 100Mbps, so don’t worry. E.g Tidal requires 0.64–18.43 Mbps.


All Naim streamers, and many others, use 100Mb Ethernet ports, partly because they are more than enough for even the highest res audio stream, but also because they use less power and generate less electrical noise than a GB port. So it’s a design choice, not just a cost cutting measure.

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I think the gold rule of thumb is that if you can “easily” accomodate a wired connection, do so and turn off the streamer’s wireless interface entirely to reduce noise.

But if you can’t, then use wireless and don’t lose any sleep over the decision.

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