Nice article on Naim and Bentley

I find your response incredibly insulting.

There are multiple factors with any accident and nowhere is it stated in road traffic laws that you should not listen to music.


Good find Crispy. Listen to that engine or to the Naim system - a nice choice to have…

The Conti GT looks rather tasty too in BRG :sunglasses:

I never stated it’s illegal to listen to music, but that doesn’t make it safe and prudent either. My point is people should be focused on driving, and they just aren’t. Blasting music in cars is part of the problem, and no one needs to have music in the car for any reason. Distracted driving is out of control. That’s all I’ll say on the matter. I get that you disagree with my POV.

I must say I agree. I’ve never got fancy expensive car stereos. There are so many other things / variables going on while driving including noise and trying to concentrate on the chaos around me to make it a bit of a nonsense IMO. All I need when driving is an adequate sound system mainly to listen to the news and occasionally to music on the radio.

Different ways to look at this issue. What about talking on the phone through Bluetooth ?

What about talking to fellow passengers while driving ?

And the driver who had a heavy meal of burgers or pizza then gets in a car to drive ?

I know. Trying to have a poo while driving is quite hard. Hurrah for leather seats.


Well carb heavy meals can make the driver sleepy.

Ah, that’s what you meant!

I have more personal reasons to be concerned about driver alertness than most on here, but do think it’s a shame when threads such as this drift off into negativity. While I think cars such as Bentleys with their enormous CO2 emissions have no place in the modern world, my thought on reading the linked article was that it’s great advertising for Naim, which benefits us all, and how interesting it was that the amplifier was baked at 90 degrees in the Naim oven to ensure it could cope with the in-car environment. Let’s be positive.


Burn in? Like Mclarens you mean? :thinking:

Indeed it’s an engineering achievement both the car and the naim sound system.

I really do want to hear the naim for Bentley now, even if I simply cannot afford such a car

No No No

Yes Yes

Yes, but stop if they loose concentration or get sleepy…

All Phones (and texting) are No No
Even if stationary in traffic…
Causes loss of concentration and contact with the outside of the car and awareness.

Just learn to wait till at the end of the journey, or stop in a lay-by.

Loud music (and earphones or ear plugs) and also a No No.

You have found my hot spot, and with good reason.

No apologies.

Not a joking matter…

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Indeed but in reality all cars come now with a car stereo. Not sure if a naim stereo in a Bentley car which was going to have one anyway is the issue here

Porsche offer both Bose and burmester as audio options and bmw and Mercedes offer upgrades too.

Lexus offers levinson

Also car stereo is an option. If the driver cannot concentrate it can be switched off, easy

If a driver can’t listen to music and drive at the same time, maybe they should stick to public transport… #justsaying


yes, good idea…


My comment referred to Loud music…

Given most folk do like to listen to the wireless in their cars, maybe a poor stereo’s more of a distraction than a very good one. Not that I pay much attention to what’s playing on mine when I’m driving.

A few years ago I attended the motor show in London, when Naim had just fitted the sound system in a Bentley. I was waiting in the queue to get onto the Bentley stand when Steve Sells spotted me & very kindly smuggled me into the hospitality area. Steve then gave me a demo of the Naim system in the Bentley on the stand. Wow! It was quite something. When I win the lottery I shall buy a shiny Bentley with said system. No luck so far, but then I’ve never bought a ticket.


I bought a motorcycle a few years ago that was fitted with speakers, not because it was fitted with speakers mind but I was after something for long distance 2 up riding at quasi legal speeds and I preferred the Indian to anything else I test rode. I did try listening to Radio 3 on the go but found it too distracting on British roads, at least when I was going slow enough to hear anything, there’s just too much going on to spare the attention for music, on empty straight roads maybe like the ones you see in pictures of some of the empty bits of the US and now the A9 to Inverness has a 50 limit and average speed cameras for long stretches maybe they would be allright if I ever use it again. They have come in useful when using Waze for navigating but an earphone in the helmet would be better.

I do listen to music when I’m in my wife’s car, it helps distract me from what I can see coming and she obviously hasn’t spotted yet, I’ve found it’s best to keep quiet about these things.

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