Nice Surprise

Today I discovered my NDX2 is recognizing my Innuos Zen mini as a server with about 300 CDs even though the two are not directly connected. Both are using the same router via ethernet cables so I am assuming this is how they are connected. Keep in mind the Zen mini does not have wifi or BT. The Zen mini (RCA) and NDX2 (Din) are connected to my SN3. Maybe they are connected through the SN3?

Can someone please explain this connection?


The zen mini has a upnp server, which the ndx2 can see.


Got it. Thanks.

The Zen Mini and NDX2 are, in some respects, very similar: they both include a server, a streamer and a DAC.
It is possible to connect the Zen directly to the NDX2 via a digital cable. This should sound better than connecting directly to the Supernait as you would then be using the superior DAC in the NDX2.
Presumably that’s not what you are doing, though, and the two devices cannot connect to each other via the Supernait. So more than likely the two devices can see each other through their network connections, in which case the Zen will be shown as a server in the Naim app.

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Thanks Chris. This all makes sense. I thought about connecting the Zen mini directly to the NDX2. I will give it a try. However, the dac in the Zen is pretty good.

You don’t need to connect the Innuos to the Supernait, neither to the Ndx2.
Just connect the Innuos and Ndx2 into the same switch or router.
The Innuos will be seen as a Nas.

If you connect the Innuos mini by SPDIF to the Ndx2, I doubt it will sound better, because the Ndx2 should have a better streamer. And a better dac too.
But you can try. In that case you will have to use Innuos app.


Thanks @frenchrooster. I normally use the Zen mini in a second system so was surprised when I hooked it up to my primary system and it showed on the NDX2. I will experiment a bit.

The one aspect I appreciate about the Zen mini is that it plays Tidal Max (Hi res). I need to make sure I can still play Tidal Max through my system.

Thanks again to you and @ChrisSU

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