Nightwish - Birmingham'21 and beyond

From FJ:

We did it! Just over 3 weeks ago I returned from our Latin American tour, having to undergo surgery to remove my breast cancer. And last night I stood on the stage again, in front of you and with my brothers. ! :heart: What an unbelievable feeling! Thank you all once again, really. Tonight, a sold-out London Wembley Arena!!!


There are still some tickets left - just looking at logistics of getting there!

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I will go by Train from Rugby to Birmingham International, then walk thru to the NEC Arena.

Simples… :crazy_face:

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I’ve never been to the arena before - trying to decide whether to stand or sit currently!

Have booked an hotel, likely to drive.

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I have a seat…! Not standing unless I have to… :thinking:

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When you’re not familiar with the venue it’s tricky to visualise the seating plans mentally. Just need to book I guess and get on the road.

I wonder if ear plugs are advisable!

Google is your friend, as with most things… :thinking:

(You did try that, surely…?)


I should be in Block 4, Row P, Seat 85. So, Empu & Troy’s side…!!

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Yes, thanks, I eventually found a detailed row/seat map.

Believe it or not Block 4 was the one I was looking at online - I had M95 earlier but that timed out as did several other options, and I then ended up in a booking queue online - eventually found a telephone number and they’ve booked me in P95!

In Block 4 - :astonished:

So, I am in the same row, in P85…!!

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Waiting for a taxi, I hope I can get my ticket!

Scenic route of B roads courtesy of Apple maps re-routing.


Quick glass of red and a piece of fish!

Prices are pretty reasonable here surprisingly.

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That was utterly stunning.

I hope there’s an official recording as I thought It was the best I’ve heard Floor sing in recent years.

Apologies for not saying hello primarily as I didn’t want you to think I was ‘stalking you’ :rofl: but also as I decided to ‘investigate’ the standing area after a call of nature!


I think it’s also worth mentioning how utterly polite and professional local staff have been - I’m truly impressed.

This includes telephone ticket salespeople, hotel staff, taxi drivers, venue staff of all kinds as well as security staff telling me where I could get the nearest post concert pint!

They’ve all done Birmingham/the region proud and I’m a little disappointed I never dragged the rest of the family along!


Just got home, via the Train. Someone organised a train of the right sort, to arrive just as I (and others) reached the platform… :grin:

As @Alley_Cat said. Flawless. And brilliant. Floor wasn’t bad either… :grin:

Just like on YouTube… Which maybe is a problem, these days…? There is less of a surprise (than years ago) - you know whats coming - and how the numbers sound ‘live’. Which is at least in part due to the use of ProTools, in a live situation.

But - the band did definitely seem to be enjoying themselves, based on the screens (there was one each side of the stage).

I conclude, by saying just one more thing.
Tuomas Holopainen is a genius - for writing all of Nightwish’s music & words.

PS. @Alley_Cat - Did you not expect Midlanders to be polite & professional…?
We do it all the time… :slightly_smiling_face:

I had no expectations whatsoever I was simply impressed :+1:

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We do try… I am from Coventry, but now live in Rugby.

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Staying in Balsall Common. Imbibing a cider or two in the arena bar currently :wink:

Probably about to be kicked out.

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Ah yes… thats one of the posh bits… not far from Solihull.
Premier Inn - or somewhere more upmarket…?

I just have a nice cup of tea, here… :slightly_smiling_face:

PS. Sleeping Sun was a surprise inclusion. Its a very old track, from the early part of the Tarja era.

But worked just fine.

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My wife was staying overnight at daughter #2 in SE London, and so they went by train & tube to Wembley. Sound not the best, and seats too small, but good pyrotechnics and an impromptu Karaoke session on the Jubilee line train on the way back!

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