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Is Tarja’s singing not really that good… On this…?
Or a I just a Floor Fan…?


I have 2 schools of thought on this video

1 Bit harsh maybe but sounds like a pub singer attempting a song she heard on a YouTube reaction video.

2 probably (and maybe a more accurate assessment).
The FJ version (Wacken 2013) has become the version most people know via YT and the arrangement of that version is very similar that the original Centuary Child version and this this Tarja’s attempt to make it different.

Not helped by the audience singing the well known version.

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Sadly, yes. Maybe its the YouTube recording or the live sound mix, but I just thought her voice sounded weak and forced - trying too hard…?

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I think the reason you don’t see many Nightwish cover bands is the same reason you don’t see many Queen cover bands. The singers in both of those original bands are quite extraordinary so in a cover situation it’s going to be very hard to get the right vocals and quite brave to attempt it.

There are quite a few in the UK. But - I do get the point. Its very difficult to get even close to Freddie Mercury, just in the singing. Let alone, his on stage persona.


I would say probably the poor quality of the recording sound wise. Tarja still sounds phenomenal on other, better recorded YT videos.

In my view (or ears) she’s absolutely Floor’s equal. Very different style of course.

Part 5 - with Kai Hahto -

Interview with Tuomas -

Interview - in Finnish (with English subtitles) - with Marko Hietala -

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Interview (in English) with Mika Jussila, of Finnvox (*) -

(* - check your Nightwish CD’s - Finnvox mastered all of them)

Tarot - live @ Nummirock, 22.6.2024 -

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Part 6 - with Jukka Koskinen, the new Bass player -

A cover… Already…???



In fairness it’s a very good cover, and amazing the resources available to people to make visually impressive videos. Have to wonder if some of it might be AI generated.

A quick search suggests she’s from Ecuador.

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I recently re-listened to Dark Passion Play, which I hadn’t for a long time. And I must say I was very pleasantly surprised with Annette’s voice. Of course nothing and no one beats Floor on those stadium anthems like Poet and the Pendulum. But Annette sounds absolutely exquisite on those more intimate moments. Eva, or Meadows of Heaven, for instance are pure magic. On The Islander, her delicacy contrasts beautifully with Marco’s grit. I think I’m finally starting to understand what Tuomas saw (and heard) in Annette.



I think I have read that Tuomas said that no-one could have sung those songs better than Anette did.