Nightwish - Birmingham'21 - And More

Ticketmaster want some serious money for the tickets…better be the church gig!


Yes, I’d noticed some time ago. :neutral_face:

Interesting… What is your source for this…? I would like to read more.

  • The singer notes that the track “Shoemaker” was “a real puzzle,” particularly its operatic coda. They were satisfied with the initial vocal takes but felt that the singing had not quite hit the mark. Jansen did another pass that sounded better, but she still felt like she was struggling with it. Once the choir was injected into the mix, she sang along with those tracks and rerecorded herself at home.*

Unfortunately I can’t find the actual reference to verify the re-arrangement of Shoemaker live
It came from a comment on a reaction channel together with the Floor comment above so I suspect it is a valid one as I did read a report saying that Tuomas didn’t think Shoemaker would be possible love.

A rummage through some of Floor’s own fan Friday videos may reveal more

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Thank you everyone for sharing. So awesome Floor Jansen and Nightwish are doing live gigs again! Damn hard to get any work done watching hellfest this morning. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

@Alley_Cat arms are covered in this one but, ahem, I think I prefer her outfit in storytime. Love her Amazonian look. Btw, you are so right, the camera work is all over the place. Makes me dizzy… :joy:


I really think she’s diversifying ‘brand wise’ and there’s Floor the songstress and Floor the Nightwish lead singer.

I think women look fantastic in feminine or raunchy clothes, but certain things I really don’t like and I’ll admit trouser-suits or suits (especially pinstripe) don’t do much for me.

Then again, what do I know about ‘fashion’? Only what I like :grinning:

Haha totally understand, there you go both outfits are here. Vote people what you like! :sunglasses:

(Credit: pic sourced from Facebook so I hope it doesn’t violate any rules here.)

  • Left
  • Right

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The one on the right has a skirt bit that reminds me of those corrugated paper inserts in chocolate boxes.

Ahem, chocolate boxes… yummy. :wink:

Another one…? Oh… go on then…

Storytime… From Wacken.

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This is rather long but split into two parts. Song with usual rewinds to begin with followed up by a summary analysis which I’ve not watched through.

Seems like a load of bull/waffle for 6-7 minutes or so until he starts the concert up but thereafter very good:

Nice that he seems to know nothing at all about them for the ‘first reaction’.

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A Viking, a Wizard, a Dwarf, a Pirate and a Siren…

(thats Marko, Tuomas, Empu, Jukka and Floor)

Nightwish - 2013 - Waken - Song of Myself - enjoy…!

Last Ride of the Day - great version…!!

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Short interview with Floor, in Berlin:

YouTube found me another Floor interview. This is fron Finnish TV, but is in Swedish… Which is OK, as Finland is a bilingual country…!!

Sit down make / get yourself a cup / glass of something nice
It’s a long one…

The Greatest Show on Earth with Eric Clarke of The Wyldside

Wembley- My favoured version.
Yes Tampere has added pyrotechnics but Wembley has a special guest

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Double Floor…