Nik Turner no more, RIP

Nik Turner, RIP.
The thunder in Hawkwind’s sonic assault.
Playing a new space ritual elsewhere in the galaxy.

Rest easy Nik. And blow up a storm!


Oh that is a shame

That’s very sad indeed. I shall play an old LP of ‘In Space Of Time’ as soon as I’m home, and imagine that the voluptuous Stacie is doing a little private dance for me.

(That image in my mind has quite put me off my Weetabix now!)

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I have just ordered ‘In Search Of Space’ and ‘Warrior On The Edge Of Time’.

I have no idea whether I’ve bought LPs or CDs, or whether I have either or both at home, in whatever form, but I have at least marked Mr Turner’s passing in my own little way.

PS I spoke far too soon. My frigging Bank has declined the Visa card payment. I could hit something very hard in frustration, but I don’t want to break my hand. Will now give up all attempts to buy anything until I can get home and sort things out, even if it means changing my bank. (And I was so looking forward to having images of Stacie dancing before my eyes.)

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Go blow up a storm in space Nik. Then rest easy.

Recently downloaded much of Mr Turner’s back catalogue from Bandcamp so today’s listening is sorted.

RIP - I did not know and was playing In Search of Space last night…

I shared a house in the 70’s with a Devon lad who introduced me to Hawkwind. I saw them once at the Hammersmith Palais (?) - just waiting for the Wind of Change.

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A legend


Great photo :heart:
Could almost have been the Hawkwind Arkestra.

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Must be about 50 years ago that I experienced Hawkwind.
They gave a free open air concert in Harwich in support of the Anti Nazi league.
The other band was Steve Hillage,the Elektrik Gypsy. Still working with his wife but mainly in Germany I think.
We had flashing strobes and coloured smoke.Unknown in Harwich.We took the oldest daughter. I think it was the start of her love of music.
Took me on a different musical path for a while.

Played part of this last night - Nik’s flute playing in the King’s chamber in the great pyramid

RIP Nick. Will always have a soft spot for Hawkwind, the first band I saw live.


saw the Hawkwind perform very late about 2 or 3 am at Stonehenge on the summer solstice in `79 or maybe '81. absolutely unreal, crazy moments.

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I saw Hawkwind with Nik in 1982/83 on Choose Your Masques tour (I had the option to see Asia at Wembley but chose the Hawks instead). Stage was set up like the bridge of a spacecraft. Great show.


I saw one of the first Inner City Unit gigs - non stop energy led by Nik

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