Nirvana Nevermind

Sky users, a ‘Classic Albums’ documentary about the making of Nirvana’s ‘Nevermind’ is about to air on Sky Arts (channel 130 on my box).


Nice one Graham. Just found it, so set to record (and a series link for the whole series for good measure) :+1:

I have just been listening to a new LP which I bought of ‘Nevermind’. It’s good to be reminded what a great a record it is.

And I must look out the LP of Nirvana’s ‘Unplugged’ set, which was a mesmerising show.

Kurt C never did anything by halves!


Totally overrated mediocre noise. There are far more important bands in that genre

‘Unplugged’ is a great album. Nicely recorded too.

You’re aiming to be provocative, but life’s too short to bother rising to the bait.


I was going to write something pithy as a comeback (because you are so very wrong), but you know what? Nevermind…

@graham55: I think I’m actually in that video, but I’ve done so many now I’m never sure (plus I hate watching/listening to myself).

Totally overrated? Have to agree. Not sure I agree with with your ‘mediocre noise’ opinion though!

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