Nirvana Unplugged YouTube

I find my vinyl pressing sounding great

saw them in concert in 1994.
few weeks before his death :cry:

Had tickets for a concert a few weeks after his death. Never got to see them :cry:

No YouTube streaming, CD or DVD here, but I do have it on vinyl. I would say it’s a great sounding record, for not being any sort of a special pressing. Though if you like the NIrvana MTV Unplugged record, IMO the Alice in Chains is even better. If you don’t already own this one, you might be a bit shocked at what their going for, I know I was.


I have this AIC CD/DVD combo. There is a video from the MTV unplugged session, they are doing the song “over now”.
It is really upsetting to watch, Layne Staley can barely keep his eyes open. High as a kite would be an understatement. Sadly he did not last much longer. The music is phenomenal even in this drug enduced state.

I also have the Music bank box set.

It’s a classic album, I bought it on release back in 1994 on white vinyl, still sounds brilliant.

Also In Utero a year earlier on clear vinyl, both keepers.

So the thread raises a couple of points- one being MTV Unplugged recording quality (and the Nirvana session being a good one!), and the other might pertain to 48khz sources and their lack of sampling rate conversion issues (48khz neatly multiplies into 192khz/is the right sampling rate for modern formats)…

When I used to get new PC sound cards the first test I would generally run is the ‘does 44khz/48khz sound different’ check… (CDs seldom liked the added dithering of ‘non neat multiples’ of the sampling rate)

I thought if I rerecorded 16bit 44khz using a 48khz sampling rate, using AAC as the FIRST (and last encoding) of the audio- should make a raw clean sound.

Mic was set to 85dB peaks…
if I set it one point lower the room noise basically disappeared from the mix,… so I kept it, and with the changes between transports apparent, isn’t a smooth listen, but IS a nice test track for resolution of our respective systems…

Can you hear any differences between the two transports?
Seems like Youtube is perfectly fine, and 48khz masters (from great gigs) are excellent.

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