Nirvana Unplugged YouTube

Has anyone listened to Nirvana Unplugged through their system on YouTube?

It sounds amazing… the song ‘oh me’ blew me away…

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It sounds a lot better on DVD , which I own.:+1:


Left my last dvd player with an ex :pensive:

Amazed at how good the recording is considering it was 1993

Heart shaped box…

How has it been 31 years

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The Man who sold the world is one of my favourite songs on the DVD. It seems like his death was not long ago, 31 years …wow.
The DVD has DTS HD master, which sounds superb.

You mean a Bluray? DVD couldn’t hold a HD version of anything. All channels are lossy bar a stereo mix.

At first I thought I had it on Bluray, so wrote that in my post. Decided to google it, and could not find it on Blueray, so edited my post to DVD.
Now I am not sure what I have, not currently at home.
I have lots of concert DVD’s and Blurays, hard to recall which is on what format, sorry if I gave wrong information.

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Oh no problem at all. It’s likely to be a DVD. I have the same and it sounds great, even if lossy.

I have the DVD also, its either DTS or Dolby Stereo for the sound, either of which would be much better than streaming YouTube.

CD is of high quality and one of the better examples of a great unplugged event.

Florence (and the Machine) Unplugged is another favourite - for me - but will take abother decade before I have outplayed Nirvana Unpluggeds’ number of disc spins.

Where did you sleep last night is some hard hitting emotionally voiced music that got my ten year old into music…


This is also a favorite of mine … any thoughts on the quality of the vinyl pressings out there?

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Tell you tomorrow :grinning:

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I can confirm that I have this on DVD, not Blueray.
DTS surround or Dolby Digital.

Only have the CD but yes it’s hard to imagine how quickly time has passed. One of my favourite discs that has got more emotive over time and kits been serviced etc. Had KC book once but can’t find it at present full of lyrics and drawings. Remember the Teen Spirit performances on Kerrang etc totally amazing. Not in the same vein but another great unplugged album is One Night Lonely by Mary Chapin Carpenter great vocals and acoustic guitar a real treat. Got mine direct from Nash ville as only the Dvd was available and that is also a great experience. The total lack of an audience on a live setting is quite unsettling at first.

I also have this 3 CD/1 DVD collection called
With the lights out… it comes with a booklet with old photos, lyrics etc.
The DVD has old footage of them performing at Kurt’s house, before they became famous.
The quality is very bad, so I think I only watched it one time.

The suits and ties don’t suit them.

This one is superb.


Apple music has the whole video collection. The quality is absolutely outstanding.

Glad you mentioned the UNPLUGGED. I agree Curt and the band sound marvelous. Now go back and listen to all the other artist who have recorded MTV LIVE UNPLUGGED. You’ll like the music.

I have delicate sound of thunder live video in DTS HD, it sounds bloody stunning. Sadly my surround amp which for the time was top of the range does not pass 4K so I have a lesser amp now that does not do DTS HD, boo.