No album art display on Album list!

Hi all, running F+N app 6.0.3 on a Galaxy S21 Ultra
with a new ND5 streamer just set up. Music on a Synology server. Music playing fine. However with servers selected, clicking on display “by album”… no artwork just a black square. Once an album selected then the individual album page shows the art. However, if choosing “All Music” each song has the full album art on display from which it came. I really do want that album art displayed on the album list for obvious reasons… has anyone seen and overcome this issue? Many thanks.

What UPnP server are you using?

That is indeed the question. I was going to ask, but got distracted by life here.

Hi, its a Synology device… beyond that would have to go have a look afterwards… in another building :smile:

The Synology is just a small form computer. My guess is you are using the default music server software. dBpoweramp Asset is much better and will provide what you are expecting to see.

I’m not sure you need to physically look in another building for a networked device :thinking:

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It could be that you need to add the album art as its own file (call it folder.jpg each time); the embedded artwork may show up only per-track… worth exploring anyway. I have mine set up this way (it was a requirement when dinosaurs roamed the earth) and the Synology server works as you’d expect.

Hmmm thanks… Seems the feeling is that’s it a server issue… as a simple guy, I thought a Naim app issue as the ‘all music’ option shows the artwork correctly as does the individual album once chosen from that album list - along with the list of tracks. Oh, and no pc where I am so can’t see my network currently.

The Naim app just displays what the UPnP server sends.

You can connect to the Synology from the device that you are running the Naim app on.

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My synology DS218j does this exact thing, its the way synology server works. Using Asset server it shows album art everywhere rather than the black boxes.

Its nothing to do with having the album art in each folder as all my folders have that setup correctly.

My main gripe is with the naim app and not being able to select what cover i want to be shown on the artist page. It selects it itself.

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Well, thanks for that… it’s good to confirm that you can see album art in some lists and not others… that confirms other’s comments now…
I’ll look into that solution. Many thanks.

Are you saying the Synology server does not give cover art in album view, even though you have a “folder.jpg” (or whatever) image?

I don’t have that issue here with Synology 918 (latest software versions for OS and server app afaik):

Edit: Any chance you have not enabled “Display cover images” in the Settings->Browsing tab?

Yep have that enabled and the synology server wont show any album art if you go into the artist folder.

Good thought… after your sugg eventually found that option… enabled it and still no joy… crushed but will find a way (or live with it!) but may need to consider a new operating system for the NAS device…

Well it’s a mystery… the Album art should work with the checkbox enabled and a folder.jpg or cover.jpg in the file directory where the album individual songs are kept. The artist image I don’t think is a feature of the native Synology media server.

Not sure you really need to change the entire NAS or its operating system, probably just worth installing another server … Asset is very popular here and it’s easy to find on web, install (you download the .spa package from their web site, and then do Manual Install on the Package Centre page of your Synology) and trial (30 days free, then paid).

Good luck! Seems like you’re on a good path now.

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