No artwork for Rolling Stones and Peter Gabriel’s New albums

My apologies if this has been mentioned already in another post, but I’ve had a Naim Core since it was released which is sat on my network all this time.

This Christmas, my wife bought me the new Peter Gabriel I/o album with the dark side and bright side mix Also, the Rolling Stones Hackney Diamond album. Neither of these albums gave me the album covers so I had to go off on the net and add the manually. My daughter also received her first CD player for Christmas, so I thought I would add a few CDs to the network that were purchased for her. These included ABBA, Steps and Boyzone all very commercially, popular albums, the meta data was found but again no album artwork. The Default setting looks for meta data using Rovi but if I set it to anything else it doesn’t find anything.

Finally the symbol that shows theres a disk in the unit stays lit in the top left-hand corner of the app. When this is pushed the ripping monitor, Page comes up with the last album that was ripped even though it’s already spat it out from the unit. I can’t remember if this is normal or not as I though it used to show empty or no disc.
The unit is running the latest software and is left constantly on, everything in the house is hardwired and the Internet is working perfectly. I’m able to stream from it ok just getting frustrated, having to add album artwork, manually for each album.

When was the last time it was rebooted?

Can’t remember it being switched off, I will do that now and report back.

I would be interested in an answer to this. I recently bought a graded (A) Core and I have had to add nearly all the a/w manually. I think that there was some commentary about this problem a while back before I got the Core but at that point I had no direct experience to call on.

That does stay there for a while post Rip….Either until the next ripped disc, or the next standby cycle etc…I don’t know if there’s a time clock on it or not……But it’s actually quite handy, if you’ve ripped a disc, gone off and done something else for a while, but can come back to the last Rip, go to album, edit metadata etc….I guess that’s the purpose.

Re album art: Although it doesn’t seem to be mentioned much the last couple of months, but I’m fairly confident it will be due to the ROVI issues that happened a little while back…You can manually trigger a metadata lookup, which should bring in ‘something’….But the auto lookup at the time of Rip almost certainly won’t, with the current firmware……

Wait a week or so, there should be a firmware update that addresses all this……



That’s good to know thank you. It’s been a while since I last used it to rip anything so i couldn’t remember the procedure.
Fingers crossed a software update will solve the issue regarding album artwork as a reboot hasn’t made any changes.

I can’t promise 100%, but I’m fairly sure 2.5.6 will resolve things for you….Artwork download is pretty good, must say….

I also very seldom seem to get the artwork lately and have to do it manually.

I have the same issue, got the Unity Core on the 22nd ripped (FLAC) 6 CDs and no artwork reset and tried again in WAV format and no artwork. Can get it manually but nothing from the ripping.

Same issues here too. But not showing album art is not the worst with my Core. It also stop the music in middle of songs frequently. It help to leave the app while playing, but its far from perfect. I really hope next upgrade will solve my issues.
Vtuner is down too. Tidal is working at least…

Looks like the update has sorted the issue. After update I get the artwork

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Over the weekend I ripped two cd’s …Hendrix Electric Ladyland… ripped ok including artwork…next up Bad Company by Bad Company…ripped ok .but no art work
No problem with adding the cover art…perhaps I was being impatient and should have given the Core more time to add the artwork ?
Perhaps there are still some lookup issues?

The thing is, it’s not going to necessarily get artwork each and every time, I don’t think there’s a guarantee……Yes, for the majority of artists/albums, especially mainstream, or should find a hit with Rovi or failing that Musicbrainz (which I actually prefer)…but not always……To be fair, even Apple’s iTunes (which uses Gracenote) has given me a blank the very odd time over the years, though I must admit it’s not often……

I guess see how you go for a bit, whether it was a one off and nothing to do with the firmware…Or if it starts becoming a regular issue….With the previous 2.5.5 and Rovi issue, I don’t think any artwork was being pulled In automatically….

TBH, I typically find the automated artwork searches to be fairly low quality (though the manual lookups are typically even worse, especially the likes of Disogs etc)……When it comes to it, regardless of automated return lookups, 90% of the time I still prefer to go off and do my own separate artwork searches, mainly for quality and size reasons…often from the artist’s own website or reviews that often post good quality artwork such as Pitchfork etc…Bit of Photoshop work if required, then stored in the album folder as well as a duplicate archived in a separate overall album artwork folder….


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