No Audio on AV onkio from Sony UBP-X800M2 via coaxial output

Hello, I have an AV onkio which doesn’t have any digital input and a bluray sony ubp-x800 with a coaxial digital audio. I bought a DAC to convert the digital coaxial to analogue RCA, so I should be able to play the blu-ray audio with the AV onkio. No way, no audio at all. I thought the DAC was not working then I unplugged the coaxial cable from the sony blu-ray and plugged into the CD player marantz and played a cd and the audio came out, So I am assuming that the DAC, the coaxial cable and the RCA cable and rca input don’t have any issue. Any ideas about settings or anything else that I did not consider?
thanks for your help.
PS: i connected the sony via bluetooth speaker and the audio worked

Check that the Bluray player is sending two channel PCM and not multichannel audio that the DAC can not decode.


@Timegroove , Thank you but there are two value on that audio settings: PCM or Auto.
I have tried both, but no luck. How could I check if is sending two channel PCM?

If it is set to PCM then it should work.

@Timegroove , it was set to PCM and did not work

I have the Sony BDP-S5100 and have the digital output fed into my NDX2. These are my audio output settings which may help you

I have just had an update from the dealer who are testing the player. The coaxial out worked fine attached directly to an AV with coaxial input. So I was wrong, the DAC is the problem, but why worked when attached to the cd player? I don’t know about audio flow, format etc…If anyone have an explanation would be great. thanks

If it worked with the CD player then the output from the Bluray player is not correct for the DAC. If it is set to PCM maybe the DAC can not handle the bitdepth/samplerate.

Maybe set for multi channel and the DAC can only handle two?

This sounds like a menu issue

@james_n thanks i have tried the same settings, don’t work with the DAC but worked attached to an AV with the coaxial input for testing. So probably @Timegroove has right: “the output from the Bluray player is not correct for the DAC”

@Ian2001 sorry, not really sure what multi channel setting is

Is the DAC multi channel i.e 5.1 or is i two channel ?

In other words are you sending the wrong signal to the DAC, a two channel DAC won’t convert a five channel signal.

I have a Pioneer Universal Player into a Uniti Qute , the two channel UnitiQute won’t accept a digital signal for film unless it’s on stereo output

the DAC is definitely multi channel( just read the specific after read your note) PROZOR Digital to Analog Audio Converter 192Khz DAC Decoder Support DTS PCM 5.1CH Optical SPDIF Toslink Coaxial to RCA Gold-plated Interface Digital Audio Optical Converter for HDTV etc.

I’m sorry I can’t answer your query , I though you may have been trying to send it a 5.1 signal into a 2 channel DAC

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