No bullshit upgrade?


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Now also considering a mac mini running roon & wired to a decent dac (like the zen and rme obviously are) as a good alternative to the diverse streaming boxes.

You think the (olive series) nap and hicap is still worth considering?
From the amp power side, i feel there is not much to be optimized considering the harbeth p3 are always „limited“ ob loudness & deep bass - or am i wrong here?
Hicap would be really interesting to compare though.

The olive equipment offers excellent value for money. That’s why I recommended it. The 82 is equivalent to 282. The 52 to 252. The 250 to 250 and so on. They are different to the classic boxes but older equivalents.

I would suggest if you’re keeping your XS2 then get a classic HiCap or HiCap DR. Or upgrade to Supernait 2 or 3 and consider a HiCap DR.

If changing your amplification get an 82, HiCap and 250 all Olive or mixture of Chrome Bumper, Olive and Black.

This is what I did when I changed my Nait 5Si and it was in a completely different league.


(pretty much like the ifi signature dac, thorens still sounds better though…)

any idea where to Look for olive or chrome Naim in good shape & fair price?

Naim dealers or auction sites and allow for any necessary service costs. I have bought both serviced and unserviced items, the unserviced items though are often overpriced on auction sites.

There is a Facebook page for Naim Buy & Sell

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