No Chromecast icon in my Naim app

I’ve just discovered that the Chromecast icon has disappeared in my Naim app. Does anyone know what the problem is?

IIRC it was removed in an app update.

(The input is redundant as you cast from the source.)


Chromecast Built-In can be enabled or disabled in Input Settings but I can’t recall a Chromecast icon when the input is enabled, only maybe on playback from a Chromecast enabled app/device as those will initiate the playback as noted above.

If you have the input enabled and can’t use Chromecast from an app/device to the Naim device (which one?) it’s possible the unit for some strange reason is no longer recognised as licensed for receiving Chromecast (seem to recall you had to accept something on setup or after a factory restore) and it might be something you’d have to query with the dealer or Naim support directly.

I need to check mine can still accept Chromecast signals as I’ve a funny feeling the option disappeared for me at some stage.

Thanks for your answer. In my input settings it seems that Chromecast Built-in is enabled, but for some reason the icon is not visible in the menu. I remember it was there before, but I haven’t paid attention for a long time. I’m not even sure if I need it. I have used Chromecast to listen to SoundCloud via my ND5 XS2, but apparently it also works directly from my iPhone.

I think the point is that Chromecast (and Airplay) allow control of the streamer from the third party app from which you are casting, so access via the Naim app or remote control isn’t necessary. You should still see them listen in Input Settings where you can turn them on and off, give Google permission to harvest your data, etc.

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