No Downloads folder on Core

I recently purchased a second hand Core. It works perfectly and I love it, It rips CD`s flawlessly and plays back via my ND5XS without missing a beat. However, I thought that I would add some FLAC albums and to my surprise there is no Downloads folder, only the rip folders. These are all top level, there is no Music and Downloads folders above. In addition when I view the Core via the network on my PC, although I can view the files, I can’t edit them.
I then plugged in an external drive containing various folders of music and clicked Manage Music/Import and the Core then attempted to import all the contents of the drive, without asking what I wanted to import. Is this a Naim flaw?
Any thoughts?

This is intended. CD rips can only be edited in the Naim app. Downloads, if you can find the folder to put them in, can only be edited outside of the Naim app.

I suspect that whoever set up the internal drive didn’t do it properly. Normally, you put the drive in, turn the Core on and set the internal drive as music store. The Core offers to format the selected drive and in doing so sets up the Music and Downloads folders.

It’s very difficult to suggest what to do at a distance, but if it were me, I would be starting again and do it properly this time.

That is my suspicion. here’s a question, I have backed up all the music using the Naim app and have what I think is a proper backup, albeit with the files not in the Music folder. If I format the drive and set up the file structure correctly, will it import my backup into the music folder where it should be?

To be honest, I don’t know. In general if you import Naim rips (as distinct from restoring from a backup), then they should go into the Music/MQ folder. Otherwise they will go into the downloads folder.

If you restore from your backup, then it may try to rebuild the state you have now.

If it all ends up in the downloads folder, you will be able to edit those with a PC. It won’t be locked like it is now.

So I say go for it! But “import” from your backup disc rather than “restore “from your backup disc. I reckon it will work out ok.

Thanks, I wondered if that was intentional. It meant deleting some 500 CD’s one at a time via the App (Adele and Celine Dion not really being my thing, but chacun à son goût as Johnny Foreigner is apt to say).

Ah yes, good point. I noticed that Naim has basically taken over the external drive so should import content directly via the app without too much effort.

Which drive you import from is entirely within your control in the app. But it will import everything from that drive.
I could write a long piece about music stores and music shares, but all of that is in the Core specific guidance in the FAQ section of this forum, including lots of stuff that Naim hasn’t written down for customers.

David thanks for all your helpful pointers on this. I am gradually working through the Core minefield. At the risk of missing something obvious, where do I find the FAQ Core section that you refer to, in this forum?

David. Found it. Sorry; short between the headphones!

A quick question to which I can’t find an obvious answer. I am planning the disk format and data restore/upload as outlined above. I would like to think that the backup is a faithful copy of the Core file content.
On comparing files with my PC file explorer I notice that the Core music file is 1411 kbps bit rate (as it should be for a CD copy) and the backup file shows 905 kbps and therefore, a smaller file. I can think of a plausible reason for this to do with file compression, but my concern is if I format/wipe the hard disc and restore/upload from the backup, it won’t be a faithful copy.
Does that make sense?

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