No grounding/earthing in power socket

Hi there,

I’m moving to a new home and notices that there is no grounding pin in the socket where a want to place my Unity Nova.
It’s an old home :slight_smile:
Might this be an issue?

Which country are you in…? Is this normal, there…?

You just have a Nova - nothing else…?

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In guessing European Schuko. Where I live it wasn’t until 1994 grounded outlets in all rooms got mandatory. Before this you have it mostly in kitchen and bathroom.

There is always a recommendation using grounded outlets when possible due to increased safety but if the electricity in the home is in good condition there is no worries using non grounded outlets either as millions of homes do.

You can also install an earth leakage circuit breaker which increase safety on non grounded outlets too.

You should talk to an electrician who is familiar with the rules in your country.

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Had this in France but found a ground wire passing past the back of the socket I wanted to use, the wires continued on to a socket on the balcony which was earthed so I was able to just change the socket and connect up the earth. While I was at it I cut back and put an insulating cap on the wood screw that had come through from the flat next door and just missed the live wire. If you’re not so lucky or aren’t confident you can check you’ve done it correctly you’ll probably need to involve an electrician.
The next house had earths and I tested them soon after moving in but EDF ENR managed to cut it when they installed some solar panels, I didn’t notice at the time, though I did notice the melted fuse holder on the immersion heater fuse that happened after they left. I found the broken earth when I rechecked my sockets after an different electrician had replaced my fuse board, he hadn’t noticed it either but did install a new rod once I’d pointed it out.
There was an effect on the sound in a reduction in dynamic contrasts but I didn’t pick this up until it was restored.

Thanks all, I managed to get an grounding wire to that specific socket.

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