No more music - the limit is 10,000 posts

The ‘What are you listening and why might anyone be interested?’ thread reached an auto close at 10,000 posts.

Can the admin expand this, on the old forum this ran for a year.

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Yes @ richarddane this needs addressing, I know you are travelling, hopefully you can get help.

The old forum threads were paginated but this one isn’t so I guess there’s a set post limit. I’ll check it out. I note that a new thread has already started…

You not in Munich yet…hoping to have fun with the big cat not around😉

I’ll still be moderating on here throughout the Munich show.

I’ve increased the maximum post count re-opened the old “What are you Listening to…” thread and merged it with the new one that Bert started.



Wouldn’t it be better to start a new thread every 10,000? It is already so big as to be just about impossible to look through.

…the secret is too be active every day! :wink:

Basically I like the continuity of one thread for the whole year since it has been like that for awhile. If it needed to be changed that would have been ok, life keeps moving on.

:small_blue_diamond:I have given up to follow this thread, that’s too many posts.
To have a chance to follow this thread,you have to look at it 24/7.

I don’t understand that anyone who gives tips in that thread,has time to listen to all the music they tell you about :wink:.



Use the navigation slider and you can get to either end of the thread and anywhere in between very quickly - just a swipe.

At an average of more than 80 posts a day that in itself is a lot to keep up with, but the problem is more when you remember you saw something and want to go back to it: It can be a real challenge to find, even from just a few days ago, and virtually impossible if further back and you don’t have a very close idea of the date, unless you remember who posted or unless it had the name of an album not just a pic (and you remember the name)!

You can bookmark the thread.

Indeed - but only really if you know or think at the time that you’ll want to go back to something. It’s not a major issue, just a couple of times I’ve thought “didn’t I see something about that on the music thread the other day”, but if I don’t remember pretty much exactly which day then forget it.

But of course that is nothing to do with thread size, more about people frequently putting an album image without its name in text, making it non-searchable (as well as often inaccessible to poorly sighted people who rely on text-to-speech).


:small_blue_diamond:Innocent_Bystander,…This,.as you point out,is very important.
Otherwise it is impossible to follow the thread.

It was five days since I looked in the thread.
During that time there have been 517 new music-tips.
Thus,.more than 100 music-tips/day…Incredibly.

Scrolled a bit in the thread,…and despite what you point out above,some members continue to insert images onto discs without text.
I think it is disrespectful to us who still try to follow the thread,…It will be,as you say completely impossible to search in it if you act like that.

Here I would like everyone to try to improve,…otherwise it is just as good to stop following the thread.


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