No power off with inserted USB (Uniti Star)


Have anyone observed the following odd behaviour. When I playback a file from a USB stick inserted in the front of a Uniti Star (or even when a USB stick is just inserted), and I then swith off the device (standby button). I see the Uniti Star goes (first) to standby, but after 15-20 seconds, the Uniti star seems to power up again (without showing something), and at that moment, I hear a very silent hiss on the speakers. So clearly the Amp is turned on again, and remains powered (the whole night, the whole week , …). This happens with different USB sticks inserted (on some, I clearly notice the power comes up again as the USB starts to blink if a LED is present).
I doubt this is intended behaviour, and I do not read anything about having to remove USB sticks when powering off the device.
When I configure the Uniti star in low power standby, then I do not see this behaviour, but as a restart takes much more time, this does not see much of a solution.

This is intended behaviour. The USB drive would have to be rescanned every time you start up the streamer if it shut down completely so it stays awake if it detects a USB drive.

As already said it is intended behavior. If you have either USB device plugged in or server mode enabled in the settings it will keep some electronics on.

Won’t do anything this way. May feel slightly warm to the touch even in sleep mode. Some even say that this keep the electronics toasty with no warmup effect on sound later. Although I have been experimenting with this with my Atom HE decides and have not noticed a difference.

If you want it to power down fully when going to sleep remove the USB and disable server mode in the settings and you will hear a relay click off when the transformer goes out.

This is indeed a valid argument, however, I do not see the need in keeping the amplifier section powered on (proven by the audible hiss on the speakers). I have not measured the total energy consumption but this is likely to be above the EC regulations on standby power (even for networked devices “Since January 2017 networked standby devices must not consume more than 3 to 12 Watts depending on the product.” from “Off mode, standby and networked standby | European Commission”). Apart from the energy consumption, keeping the amplifier power on 24 h on will badly affect the lifetime of the amplifier electronics. Still odd that during the first 15 seconds after power off, I do not hear anything on the speakers. (as an alternative, my Philips TV stores a small index file on the attached USB device to solve this scanning overhead time).

Some see this as a workaround to keep the main PSU warmed up, but yes, of course it will use more power. If you want to avoid this you will need to remove the USB drive.
Whether it affects the lifetime of the components is debatable, there is an argument that regular heating and cooling from turning on and off degrades them more than leaving them powered up to keep the temperature constant.

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