No remote volume or balance on my 282

Can anyone make suggestions as to why my 282/Napsc2 no longer has remote control of the volume or balance? However the input selection via the remote does work.

The remote itself is fine as it works with the CDX2 and the volume control of a 272 I also have. I think the remote circuits are powered from the Napsc.

All other aspects of the amp are fine.

Thanks in anticipation.



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Thanks but the remote works with my 272 so batteries are fine.

Volume and balance adjustment usually requires longer presses which causes a voltage drop at the battery. I’ve had this where the mute works fine but volume adjustments don’t.

New batteries were the first port of call. Long press makes no difference. The fact the remote works on another pre amplifier indicates the remote is fine. Plus it changes the input selection on the 282.
It’s not the remote, it a pre amp issue but I don’t know what.

I’m sure you’ve turned it off and back on again to reboot the computer? My SN2 needed that for a volume knob issue. It kept zeroing the volume till I reset it.

Power cycle the system if you haven’t yet.

I had remote issues due to a compact fluorescent light in the same room, only when the light was on of course. Sometimes the volume wouldn’t respond but sometimes it would but wouldn’t stop until it hit the end of its travel which was quite alarming.

Thanks for your suggestions. I did the power cycle thing. Its the same during the day so no lights.
I also tried another NAPSC.

I have recycled power several times for the 282, NAPSC and Hicaps . Also tried a different NAPSC. I also tried just one Hicap (adding in the blanking plug).
Thanks for your suggestions.


I bet @NeilS has seen something like this before.


If all the cheap options have been exhausted it may be time to contact your dealer :frowning:

Yep - well I have contacted Darran at Class A in the first instance. His turnaround time is a fraction of Naim’s currently.

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Hi Kev,

You have done the right thing by ruling out the PSC, so my money is on the pot driver IC or an open circuit low value resistor in the power supply to it.

Hope you get it sorted.

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Thanks Neil.
I connected a remote cable between the NDX2 and the 282 and turned on system automation. Like with the normal remote, the mute and source switching works via the NDX2 remote but not the volume (it doesn’t have balance control)

As you say, it looks like a power issue or the feed to the pots from the digital control circuit is not there.

I have asked Darren if can fix either of these potential faults. If not, it’s an RMA via my dealer and a longer time without the 282.

Thanks again.

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