No renders? At-NAS-BubbleUNnP-Lumin

Any help much appreciated
BubbleUPnP on Synology NAS
Lumin app
Minimserver 2
Muso Qb G1
Unitilite gone to the spa for a fix
Various Sonos

Minimserver up
Bubble up see renderers
Lumin sees minimserver
Lumin cannot see renderers

What am I missing?

I may be misinterpreting your somewhat telegraphic post. If so, apologies, but have you used Bubble to make your Muso QB open home compatible? It won’t show up in the Lumin control point until you do that.


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Thanks for the reply. I did do that. I’ve also tested it today on two Synology NAS, iPhone and also on an Android phone.

NAS firewall off, got the android phone to see minimserver and renderer.

Managed to stream Qobuz hires to QB. Success.

I think it’s NAS firewall and a lack of patience on my part.

Not cracked Lumin app yet.

…and then I wake up this morning and it’s all working perfectly. So no issues with firewall. Just a lack of patience.

Works on Lumin and Kazoo. Happy days.

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