“NO RESULTS” always appearing in Naim app using TIDAL

Any one else have this glitch? Its minor, but just curious if I can get rid of it. In the Naim app, when searching in TIDAL, it always says “NO RESULTS” in the middle of the screen, even when there clearly is results! It never goes away. I have cleared the app cache with no results.

Devices: Naim NAC N272 & Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+

Hi @AdamN, what device is this on?

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Samsung Galaxy TAB S7+ & Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra.

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I get the same with:

ND5XS2 and Samsung A51

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Interesting! I am glad to know it is not an issue specific to my set up then.

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Same here with Samsung Tab A7 Lite and NDS.

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Thanks all. Looks like there’s a possible Samsung theme.

using google pixel, google pixelbook and it never occurred on my oppo reno phone either so possibly a purely samsung issue

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haha, I was just gonna post, now we just need someone with a PIXEL to reply!

Looks like it. Same “problem” on my Samsung Galaxy A32 phone.
“Problem” because it does not really bother me.
Not on my old iPad 2. But that has some other problems.Real problems…

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