No sound from analogue input

Yesterday, I had a bit of a scare where when I wanted to play a record I got no sound from my turntable.

After some debugging it turned out to be the Star.
A hard reset (unplugging the power) was needed to fix it. Standby didn’t help. All other inputs I tried (iRadio, Chromecast & HDMI) were working fine, just not the Analogue (DIN) input. It would switch to it, but simply no sound.

Has anyone else had an issue like this? Could this be a sign of impending failure? Especially as it’s an analogue input, and all digital functions seemed to work fine.

IIRC the analogue input goes through an Analogue to Digital converter then same as the digital sources.

Regardless, I’m guessing there’s a microprocessor controlling things somewhere, maybe input relays, and as with any computer things can get corrupted and a reboot clear. If that is right then I doubt anything to worry about.

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Yup, sounds like the logic control got its knickers in a twist and just needed a re-boot to get the A-D back on line.

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