No sound from my CD5si

I have today put my system back together after 7 months in storage whilst we undertook some building work. I have added a CD5si that I bought second hand.

I’ve got everything running including a Sonos Port and turntable and it sounds great. The CD player, whilst working and playing tracks is not producing any sound. I my have made a mistake with the connections but it seems pretty straight forward and I’ve checked the cable which is ok.

Does anyone have any ideas as to what the problem might me? I’m playing it through a NAC202/NAP200 with NAPSC & Stageline.

Thank you.

What output are you using? Have you set that as default output in settings?

Check the output socket assignment. Press and hold DISP on the remote control then press to toggle between O DIN, oo RCA Phono, and O oo for both (don’t set it to both as this is a performance compromise). Then press and hold DISP to exit.

Thanks Neil
I’m using the DIN output and have applied the correct program settings.
Still nothing.

Thanks Richard

I’m using the DIN output and have set the program settings accordingly. Still no sound sadly.

OK, have you tried another input on the NAC202? The input you’re using may be currently set for RCA phono.

Otherwise, if you have a set of RCA Phono interconnects you could try those. Remember to assign RCA Phono to the output and also the NAC202 input.

Just swapped cables to phono and sound coming through loud and clear. I suspect the DIN input on my 202 may be faulty.

Yes, I’ve just swapped over to phono cables and sound coming through perfectly. I assume that the DIN input on my 202 may be the fault.

That input may just be assigned to the RCA Phonos instead of DIN. You can change it of you wish.

Thanks Richard

I would be Interested to know how to change the port settings.

It’s in the manual. See section 13.1

13.1 Input sockets and assignment

The input selection buttons select the source input signal to be routed to the power amplifier and the loudspeakers.

The NAC 202 has six DIN input sockets and two alternative pairs of RCA Phono sockets. The RCA Phono sockets can be assigned individually to the CD and AUX 2 input buttons in place of the DIN sockets.

Input assignment setup is accessed through the NAC
202 program mode. To switch into (or exit from) program mode press and hold the prog key on the remote handset (in preamplifier mode). Program mode is indicated by a flashing indicator on the front panel volume control.

note: If no function is operated within five minutes of entering program mode the NAC 202 will return to normal mode automatically.

Once in program mode press and hold the remote handset 1 button to select or de-select the RCA Phono socket input for CD, and the remote handset 6 button to select or de-select the RCA Phono socket input for AUX 2. The corresponding front panel input buttons can similarly be used to select or de-select the RCA Phono socket inputs. The appropriate input button indicator will flash three times on selection of the RCA Phono option and once on selection of the DIN option.

To exit from program mode press and hold the prog key on the remote until the volume indicator stops flashing.

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