No sound from supernait.. rookie

Hello I’m trying to connect my front speakers to my supernait via my avr’s pre outs. But no sound is coming out. I don’t have the supernait remote control and I’m wondering if this is possible to do it without one. If not what remote works?

Also I want to use a valve amp as the pre and have a nd5 ns. I’ve heard it doesn’t do much apart from power the super air pre amp? Is it worth keeping? Thanks

Connect avr to av in socket, switch av bypass to on.

Nd5xs? That’s a streamer.
Do you mean hicap? A hicap (or supercap) can be used to power the preamp stage of a supernait instead of the internal power supply. So if you use an external preamp, a hicap would be redundant.

Possibly a Flatcap xs?

Thanks Robert. Unfortunately I have the original supernait and it doesn’t seem to have that control.

Just use the av input then. Both volume controls will be needed, as it’s going through the supernait preamp as well.