No sound (or very little) after unplugging a 252/300 system


I just rebuild (kind of) my system after changing the speaker cables. I get no sound or, to be precise, very little. My system consists of a ND555, an MD-100 tuner, a NAC252 preamp and a NAP300.

I unplugged the super Cap from the NAC252, the NAP300 XLR cables and burndies and the speaker cables. I then replugged the cables but I get a very weak sound only if I turn up to full volume.

I kind of remember having had the problem but can’t find the cure. I know that the source is not the culprit since I have the problem with both the ND555 and the MD-100.

Help is welcome.


One that used to catch me out was if ‘mute’ was on with the 252 after a rebuild…

ATB. George.

Is the ND555 analogue lead plugged into the correct input on the 252

Got it.

I swapped the XLR cables of the NAP300. Tricky.


I’ve done that too Michael.

Drives you to distraction with frustration until you find it, especially if you have gone to the trouble to dust everything and clean/remake all the connections :grin:

Place a post it note on the wall behind the rack as a reminder :slight_smile:

I colour code cables and sockets with electric tape.

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