No Sound with XPS DR

I added the XPS DR to my system.
The only changes I did are:
1- connect burndy between NDX2 and XPS DR
2- Remove the powerline from the NDX2 and connect it to the XPS DR (no direct electrical mains to NDX2)

the NDX2 powers on and is operational from the app but I do not get any sound. AV input to the nac282 is working fine.

Am I missing something? Advise please.

Check that it hasn’t switched from Din to phono output, or vice versa.

Will check though I have both outputs enabled normally

Did a restart and checked that both DIN and RCA are selected. Even switched to DIN only without benefit. Then I got “streamer not responding” error on the app. Turning everything off for now and waiting for the help of the forum

I’d start again with just the bare NDX2 (link plug back in) and check all is ok.

If you then power down the NDX2 and try it with the XPS DR again and still get issues, then it sounds like a problem with either the Burndy cable or XPS DR.


I agree with James. Disconnect the XPS DR and start again.

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Reboot router?

?? :thinking:

When attempting to disconnect the burndy to go back to internally powerd NDX2, it turned out the burndy was not properly seated and connected at the NDX2’s end. Once plugged in properly everything is working well again.


Good to hear.

My heart was sinking… Glad it was a quick fix.


Whenever I do firmware update on my ndx2, it only works after I reboot router.

Hmm. That shouldn’t be the case, is your NDX2 set up to use DHCP?

Honestly, I don’t know :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
But whenever I do a firmware update, the ndx2 is not recognized until I reboot router

DHCP is part of network settings. Worth checking to see.

DHCP set to on
Everything works and sounds great

I’d say your router is weird

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Hi flame, I run sort of the same system NDX2, 282 and 300 DR. I am curious if you hear improvements with the XPS DR. And did you buy it, because you were not happy with the NDX 2 without PSU.

Hi Mike,
The NDX2 grew on me and its tonal characteristics changed with every upgrade that I did. The biggest improvement came when adding the 282. I did get the XPS DRabout 10 days ago but as I am having the inlaws staying with us this month, I haven’t been able to do extensive listening.

Unfortunately, the initial impression was of a slightly forced sound that was a bit too “Stacatto” and a bit drier than without the XPS-DR. The bass became deeper and more pronounced and I should trim back my subwoofer a tad but haven’t done that yet. I told my dealer that I liked the sound more without the XPS-DR but will allow a bit of time for things to settle.

I also have the Olympica Nova 3 speakers coming in from Sonus Faber hopefully by March/April so that should also help improve the sound.

Hi Flame,

Thank you for sharing your insights of adding the XPS DR. I can imagine that it is difficult to really be able to check out the differences, in only 10 days, with also having guests.
Every upgrade seems different in different systems. For example, I listened to a 252 pre on my system with Marten speakers, and it was better than the 282. But with the Hartbeths I liked the 282 pre more.
I am curious what your insights will be after a longer listening and if you keep the XPS DR. And if the XPS is not worth the invest, at least you now :wink:.

Greetings, Mike