No track listing on app or display panel on uniti star when playing CDs

Advice please. Load any CD into Uniti star and no listing or artwork appears. Just a disc and track numbers. Anyone had this problem? Thanks in advance.

Surely that’s what you’d expect when playing a CD? CDs don’t have metadata so anything other than a track number is not possible.

Same with my cd5xs. Just shows the number of the track. No artwork or any band info or insights are displayed. Doesn’t even show up in the naim app.

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It won’t show up in the app. The app has no idea what the CD player is doing.

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@Mark4 the above is a bit unhelpful although correct.
I’m new to the Unitistar and my CD play is the same. However I have ripped my CDs onto a storage device, and all the album artwork and track listings then appear on the app on my tablet. After download you can get / amend details by going through ‘edit metadata’. Once loaded onto the app you can then choose by album, song or artist etc.

The Naim CD players do not support cd text, you would have to buy a CD player that supported it, and a cd that was encoded with it. Once ripped, as mentioned above, it’s a completely different story, you can now play music files with embedded data dragged from an online database plus cover art.

Well you learn something new every day. Thank you for all the advice, really appreciated; saves an embarrassing call to Naim customer services!! :woozy_face:

Thank you very much “Dog” appreciate the explanation; the mist clears and the penny drops. Had not played a CD in years as had ripped most of my collection. Most appreciated. :blush:

That’s not entirely correct. CD-Text exists since about the mid 90’s and has been fairly common since, plenty of CD’s contain metadata. Certainly all Sony releases have it, not sure about others or exact percentages.

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