Node X or Naim Streamer? Apple Music with AirPlay2 Only


I will shortly be getting a new system. I am keeping my Rega P9 from my former system. It has an Exact MM.

My new system will be:

HiCap DR
Spendor A4
Rega P9
Bluesound Node X?

We will only be streaming Apple Music, for which we have a subscription, through AirPlay2. At this time, we do not plan on adding another subscription. My husband likes Apple Music and wants us to stay with it.

My question is given AirPlay2 and Apple Music will I gain enough in SQ by switching to a Naim streamer? If so, what is the least expensive Naim streamer for this proposed system that will be significant? Should I stay with the node X? Is there any advantage to keep electronics within the Naim family?

Apple Music isn’t natively supported by a Naim streamer, so personally I’d go with the bluesound you’ve chosen, or even less £ nad cs1. Basically all you are looking for is an airplay receiver.

@robert_h thanks

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