Noise floor supernait 3

volume control is no problem at all

I have - pair bc1
just for fun I will try soon. lets see how the noice is on these ones

I had harbeth m30‘s - think I bought them in 2007
this year I bought the cornwalls
i can just say these speakers are exciting and phänomenal
In my lifingroom I enjoy british hifi with the nait2 and the bc1 - very sweet

anyway on long term I wil experiement with other gear just for fun
for example I will try my old nait2cb with the klipsch

and my old revox

lests see…

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Also a little surprising. I’d expect the right cable to help with a few things, but not hiss. The fact changing the cable reduced this makes me wonder if it wasn’t so much hiss as a 50Hz buzz caused by an earthing issue with the old cable. Anyways, a mystery but it had a happy resolution so great.

Klipsch is really a dragon of two heads. They make these constantly updated and refined expensive legacy products like the Cornwalls that are very well regarded and have legendary status. And then they make their sarcastically titled entry level range called “Reference” which comprises of gigantic boxes for very low cost and zero domestic harmony. It’s a really odd mix.

Fyi if i had my supernait at this volume … well put it this way, i dont think ive had it that loud ever. That would be deafening here.


oh man
but believe me - the music was not playing in this position😀
otherwise :exploding_head:

I agree and i am also surprised
I will test again with the naim speaker cables soon -
btw the naim amp is between the boxes now

I think @JSQT is running similarly sensitive speakers to your Klipsch from a supernait 3, Volti Rivals. J any problem with hiss since replacing the nova?

I’ve got a question; how many of you have ever met Paul Klipsch? He used to give out little pins, maybe they call them buttons in the UK. They were a bit rude, but they perfectly illustrated his personality!

When I had my SN2 I found it interesting that the volume control was so non linear. The amp got really loud in the first third of the volume controls rotation
( potentiometer ) since a potentiometer sounds best as you decrease it’s influence ( keeping in mind that the more one turns it up the less it’s in the signal path) I always wondered why Naim would calibrate it that way?

IIRC it’s because it’s part of the overall pre-amp design - Naim found that the pre-amps sounded best with a fairly high gain.

Well a SN is well capable of slapping you around the head at 10am :sunglasses:

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I am used to listen to music in really high volumes.
I turned the SN3 to 11 o’clock only once & couldn’t stand it for more than 10 minutes.

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Interesting, thank you Richard

And the neighbouring village even less!

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SN3 centered


That does look like a fun party system :ok_hand:

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PARTY!!! Oh yes - this is what is all about in my musicroom


My Rivals were measured by John Atkinson at Stereophile to be true 100dB sensitive (a lot of the Klipsch speakers overstate their ratings but JA claimed the Rivals to be among the most sensitive speakers he’s ever measured).

That being said I have not experienced any hiss or noise whatsoever from the speakers. I did have a grounding hum when I had my Anthem AVM60 plugged into the SN3 but never before and never after.

I’m sitting about 7-8’ from the speakers so I think I would definitely hear something if there was a hiss in the speakers.

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