Noise from the speakers

Hi at home I have 3 amplifiers, Naim 5si, Rega Aethos and a Marantz PM17 mk2. So with the amps turned on with only the speaker cables connected and at zero volume with the Naim I hear a background hiss, if the CD is playing you can also hear it slightly. With the Rega, however, I feel a small electric discharge from the tweeter and less from the woofer but this is only by placing my ear close to it, already at 10 cm I can’t hear anything. By inserting the Mute button in both cases the noises disappear. The old Marantz? Completely silent, which makes me think it’s not a power grid problem.

Type ‘hiss’ into the forum search and you’ll have hours of reading. In summary: it’s normal.


Dear giannifocus,

This might be a red herring. When I had my room mood lighting floor lamps from IKEA running 180 degrees across my speaker cables, I had no noise issues. With the new home and setup, they run parallel, and the cheap and nasty floor lamp switches occasionally let a pop sound from the speakers when they are switched on or off. This is the floor switches being switched on or off. However, the contacts in the floor switches appear to be behaving themselves now.

Possibly, there is something in your room that could be introducing noise or possibly very efficient speakers. This is just a stab-in-the-dark suggestion.

Mitch in Oz.


Always best to have power cables and speaker cables isolated from each other, where possible.

If not, they should be crossed over each at 90 degrees to reduce interference. Running them parallel can introduce interference.

Can you not re-run or isolate the power and speaker cables ?


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As HH said, it is normal. All Naim amps hiss a little even with volume all the way down. It’s not related to cables, or power quality. Inaudible at listening distance, unless very near field, in my experience. As always ymmv.

Dear DiggyGun,

I said 180 degrees, though meant 90 degrees. Unfortunately not unless I install two more power points. Maybe when the spa goes in, it might be an opportunity.

Warm regards,

Mitch in Oz.

Enjoy the Spa, very nice.


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Thanks guys everyone. I called the Italian assistance center and a technician told me that it could depend on the 3-pole IEC while the Marantz one is 2. You could try disconnecting the earth but they advised me against it. However, the slight hiss of current can only be heard by placing your ear on the drivers. Most importantly this does not compromise the life of the speakers. For the rest, the Rega Aethos is an extremely dynamic and powerful amplifier, the speakers are the Atalante 3, the only flaw is the poor management of the volume from the remote control in the first steps, you really have to go as far as pressing the finger on the button.

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