Noisy NAP200 - Advice?

Hi all

I’m hoping to lean on advice from some more experienced folk.

I recently switched from an old Superuniti to NDX2, NAC202, NAP200DR. No outboard power supplies just yet.

The improvement in SQ is obviously quite clear but there’s a lot of extra noise, that I didn’t experience with the SU.

Most noticeable is a constant, quite audible fuzz from the speakers, which is degrading the experience.

More concerning, the NAP200 itself has a constant and loud buzz.

I don’t yet have a dedicated ring for the system but I’ve experimented by flipping every other breaker in the house and unplugging everything from the ring that powers the system. Plugged directly to a wall socket, in a relatively new house with good electrics, whether it’s just the NAP connected, or the NAP and NDX2 connected, the buzz directly from the box and fuzz from the speakers remains. (NAC is powered by NAP).

Has anyone else experienced this? I can only imagine the NAP has a problem. It’s all under warranty.

Any other fault finding exercises I can try? And/or any other relevant advice would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance

It does seem that something is wrong. Have you contacted your dealer?

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You should contact the dealer who sold you these units.

Check that the snaic cable between the nap and Nac is away from any power lead.

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I would also check that the snaic cable between the NAP and the NAC is fully pushed in (and then locked) at both ends. NB: Power down before pulling out and reinserting the cable.

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Usual question - any other sources apart from the NDX2 connected to the 202 ?

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Thanks all

Checked the SNAIC and nothings touching.

No other source attached. :thinking:

I’d expect a gentle hiss from the speakers and a quiet hum (depending on mains quality) from the NAP200 and the NDX2 with your ear close to them.

Anything more than this and as it’s new, I’d get your dealer involved to check it out. I’m assuming your not using Powerline adapters (Ethernet over mains) ?

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Is it more a ripple or a hiss you hear from the loudspeakers?

The buzz from the NAP sounds like transformer hum. The toroidal transformers Naim use do tend to show this tendency particularly if your mains supply is not perfect, though it does seem to vary from example to example. A dedicated supply might solve this issue, but it’s not guaranteed. Some folk have found a DC blocker an effective cure, there’s lots of threads on this, so might be worth doing a search.

However, the audible “fuzz” from the speakers doesn’t sound right at all. A slight hiss when your ears are close to the speakers is normal, but it shouldn’t degrade the listening experience. I would agree that contacting your dealer to discuss the issue is a sensible move.


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Yeh I’ll definitely go back to the dealer.

The speaker noise is a hiss, I had a hiss with SU but this is a lot louder.

The noise from the unit itself; I can hear it across the room. Can’t be right and it seems like all trouble shooting has been covered…

I’m not using Wi-Fi over mains. All connections checked.

Thanks all, appreciate the imput

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A little update.

One of the wall sockets in my living room had USB sockets :man_facepalming:

Switched it out. The noise from the NAP has immediately improved.

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Good find :+1:

It’s always worth double checking what’s around the system (wireless devices etc) and what’s plugged in / running off the mains supply if you find you have strange noise issues occurring.

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I had this experience:

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