Noisy Nap300 fan

There was a thread with this title last year but it has closed, so I can not reply to it. I have a very noisy fan in my 300DR. Just started to be noticeable this week. @JonnySidemouth did you ever get a resolution, you were the OP of that thread. Anyone else had an issue with the fan in their 300 and had it resolved?

Hi Mr Pseudonym, I took delivery of a new NAP300 with 252, after a spell listening to music quite loud I could clearly hear the drone of the NAP300 between tracks from my listening position, I was told the fans of the amp were virtually silent… the dealer denied that there was an issue with the level of noise I described to them but promised to contact Naim, after they failed to do so I called Naim who were extremely helpful and agreed absolutely that the fan should be near silent and at least un hearable from listening distance. After further poor service from the dealer with other issues I sent all of the kit back and was refunded. I have since bought an ex dem 300 from another dealer and I can get the fans on after a good session, I can hear the fans if I go to the stack and listen but they are way quieter than the first amps’ and certainly not noticed from listening position. Naim do say they occasionally get a (faulty) noisy fan, I hope your amp is in warranty but would assume replacement would be affordable with a service

Thanks for the quick reply. My 300 has been operating silently for years, but just in the last few days now the unit gets quite hot quite quickly and the fan noise can be heard above the music. Looks like a trip to the repair centre is in my future. Glad you got your situation sorted!

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Maybe… its telling you something…? Please Service Me…? When was it last serviced…?

(NAP300 introduced 2002 - so up to 21 years old)

Its a 2018 manufacture, so should still be going strong. Its harder in Australia to find naim servicing people too. If anyone can recommend someone in sydney that would be appreciated. @Pete_the_painter I seem to remember you are somewhat geographically close to Sydney. Any suggestions?

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Ring Harry at Audio Genesis in Pyrmont. Harry’s the best dealer in Australia (not just my opinion) I’m sure he can help.

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Have you changed speaker cables of late?

If now becoming hotter than usual, this indicates a problem of some sort. Bias on output stage perhaps? Fan bearings are also probably shot, so fans need replacing.

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@simon you sir are right on the money. I swapped out the NAP300 for my Nova to keep the music going and immediately got an “amplifier over-current condition detected” message on the screen. Turns out I have a speaker issue not an amp issue. I owe my naim amp an apology. Now to work out what the speaker issue is …

Edited a few hours later to add, problem sorted. There was a short in the wires to the mid range driver. Fixed. Happy days. Thanks all.


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