Non functional NDS remote fixed

Can’t reply to this old thread anymore Nds remote has stopped working but I just wanted to give a big thank you to @NeilS .
Brilliant solution! Had the same problem for over a year or so and finally got around to try and fix it. Installed a piece of Kapton between the fence and the flatcable connector of the remote receiver and hey presto,remote functional again!
Not that I ever use it but I like to have every bit in good working order. :smiley:
So a big thank you to NeilS from Naim!


Brilliant news!
Whilst looking into this issue a while ago, moving the fence away from the connector with the unit powered up, also triggered a slight increase in the logo brightness. So I figure that when the unit is in the fault state, there would be a slight decrease in sound quality due to the extra current being drawn.

Enjoy your NDS! :grinning:



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