Non Naim Fantasy system

I suppose the obvious question now is what non Naim system would you love to hear.

I’ll start with a top of the range Technics 1210 that’s been super pimped into bespoke Audio passive pre amp and
MC 2301 300 watt monoblocks into Tannoy Legacy Arden speakers.
Just to add this system is specifically for playing vinyl that is run of the mill or worse especially Reggae.
I’ll think up an ultra revealing system for playing specialist vinyl later.

Roon Nucleus, Chord Dave, ATC SCM300 ASLT



  • Esoteric N-03T Streamer transport
  • Esoteric Grandioso G1 Master Clock Generator
  • Esoteric Grandioso D1X Monoblock DAC (x2)


  • Dan D’Agostino Momentum HD Preamp
  • Dan D’Agostino Relentless monoblock power amp (x2)


  • PMC Fact Fenestria

It’s a fantasy. Maybe it’s all rubbish. Maybe it’s all great but sounds rubbish together.

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Problem with this is this is that I would need a fantasy house and listening room to keep it in!

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like the Naim fantasy thread this is about listening to not owning so let’s presume that the system will have an optimal set up.


With DAVE you really need Blu2 (M-Scaler) for your dream system, it’s the only way to get all those wonderful taps. DAVE without Blu2 is like Smith without Jones, Morcombe without Wise, a horse with no carriage, Anderson without Broad.

Also worth getting some gloves as I nearly burnt my hand on DAVE after leaving it powered up for a few days.


Good point TM - I was saving the MScaler for a future upgrade. Can’t have perfection straight away :smiley:

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Source 1: Linn Klimax LP12 into KDSM
Source 2: Chord Blu2 DAVE
Amplifier: Chord Ultima (Pre + Dual Mono amps)
Speakers: Magnepan MG30.7

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I hadn’t consider the upgrade

One thing is I’d ask Mark Grant to make up cables to the exact length so I could keep my wires neat and tidy. Going active with amps in the speakers as you would do is a very attractive solution. ATC or Linn would definitely be superb options.

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I heard Peter Qvortrup’s own system transplanted to a hotel room when my local Audio T took on the franchise, then went home and listened to my passive 500/NBL system and mostly forgot about the Audionote one except for the scale he could get out of the Es, that has stayed to haunt me. I daren’t try them at home just yet but if the NBLs ever die they’re on the list, they might in the end be too coloured but that would need in room auditioning to determin.

At Munich last year the system that had me facinated most was in the MBL room with their 101 xtreams, it was a very large room but we are talking fantasy here, so a chance to explore a system to drive those speakers would fit the bill nicely. The one MBL used was rather too unflattering to all but the best recordings so it would need work but I’ve not heard anything come so close to sounding like a symphony orchestra that wasn’t a symphony orchestra.

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Whatever system it is, I’d squeeze in some Nac A5 secretly.

Sonneteer Orton MkV
Densen B-175
LFD NCSE Anniversary

Not exactly fantasy components. I’d love to own one someday but i hate redundant gear


Unsure about sources but there would be a Rogers E20A and a pair of LS3/5as.

Edit: The speakers would be 1m apart and I’d sit 1m from them. The room would be such that there would be around 3m in all directions, probably with paintings rugs etc


Or some Nac A4/Linn K-20

What do you mean ? Are there other manufacturers of hifi equipment apart from Naim ? :grinning::grinning::grinning:


A TechDas turntable. Audio Note valve amps and some horn speakers. Or D’Agostini amps and some PMC MB2 SE’s.

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I wonder if a powerline or a sl speaker cable would be featured in a non naim fantasy system?

The Es are remarkably capable speakers. A friend powers his with Pass amps in his main system, although he has a slightly lesser pair in the bedroom where he uses a recently purchased 250DR.

I don’t have one. Why have a fantasy about a second best system :slight_smile:

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Is there a non-Naim dream system?