Norah Jones Live Album

Norah Jones released a new album yesterday which is her first fully live record “‘Til We Meet Again”

It’s absolutely outstanding - a great set list, magnificent performance and great production.

If you like Norah just get this, it might be the best record she’s ever released.

It sounds so wonderful, there are a lot of reference tracks here IMO.


Yes, my vinyl copy arrived yesterday. Very cool.

Listening to this album now on TIDAL. Very nice indeed.

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I had a quick listen last evening on web streaming, 10 minutes later a 24/96 FLAC was arriving from HDTracks.
This has to be her best album: this is real unprocessed music with real talented musicians interacting with a real audiences from a mix of locations, US, Europe & South America. The individual songs are mostly all original & some composed by herself. It sounds like she is having fun with the music, musicians & audience, it sounds like she has genuine emotion, gone is the sterile clinical studio stuff that a lot of her previous material has.
Yes this might be one of those albums that will be around for a long time.


Have to agree, just wonderful👍

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Great cover of Black Hole Sun. Love Tragedy!!


Just received on vinyl. I agree the production is superb and it sounds wonderful. Thanks for the recommendation!

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