Nordost Flatline Gold

Good evening.
I have a pair of 3m Nordost Flatline Gold cables that I would like to try instead of the 3.5m long LINN k20.
These are the Nordost specs:Capacitance: 8.6pF/ft (Flatline Gold MkII) 9.7pF/ft (Super Flatline)
Inductance: 0.13uH/ft (Flatline Gold MkII) 0.12uH/ft (Super Flatline)
Propagation Delay: 91% speed of light

Linn k20 specifications
Inductance 0.005 ohms per metre
Capacitance 16pf per meter at 1KH (typical value)
Impedance 0.93 mh per meter 1KH (typical value)

based on the above, the two cables should be stackable for compatibility with my naim nap 110 power amp.
Let me know your thoughts.


Your amp will not explode if you use poorly matched cables. Give them a try and see what effect they have on the sound.

The most incompatible cables can make a Naim power amp sound poor, and can sometimes even make it run too hot, especially when used at high volume. If this happens, you can be sure that you have the wrong cable. Apart from that, just trust your ears.

Probably not much help to you but I can say two things. I tried Nordost speaker cables with my Moon amp and they sounded awful. Thin and screechy.

Many years ago I tried some Mission solid core cables, which I believe were of similar contruction to the Nordost, with my then Naim 42/110 instead of NACA4 (the same as Linn K20). The results were awful.

Try them by all means but I don’t hold out much hope.

Hi I was very fortunate that years and years ago, the Cornflake Shop, based in central London at the time allowed me to borrow 4 sets of speaker cables to try at home, at the time I had olive 102/250 amps. Can’t remember all the cables but remember that the Naim cable (4 not 5), was the worst to my ears and the Nordost Flatline gold the best - apart from sounding good it’s more controlled low end, allowed me to place my Dynaudio floor standers closer to the wall, which looked better in my lounge. That cable stayed through my upgrades to a 282 and black 250 non DR.
So as ChrisSU says, try them, there are plenty of variables in the SQ we end up preferring in our listening rooms- only you can decide which sound you prefer.
Best wishes Amer

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To my ears the Flatline Gold is by far the most balanced sounding cable from Nordost, not light and bright at all. And no, I haven’t heard all, but still some. In fact I’m listening to my own pair right now and very much liked it with the SN2.
If your amplifier doesn’t like its electrical values, it will get hot quickly. Watch or better feel if that happens, otherwise enjoy.

If we talk about low capacitance, necessary to avoid oscillation phenomena in Naim amps, the Nordost in question is almost half the value of the Naca 4/5! Even if it is not 3.5 meters but 3 as in my case there shouldn’t be any problems. Tonally I like it very much and it has a clarity, openness, neutrality and speed to embarrass much morqe expensive cables.

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Nordost and Naim sound great together! I tried other Nordost cables on different occasions and they usually sound very detailed, fast, punchy and have a great soundstage. I can only recommend them if you look for that type of sound.

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