North American Service

Just want to give a big shout out to Focal/ Naim Canada especially Michel Rousseau for there fabulous service, just received my 72/140 back from a re-cap and can’t wait to get them up and running even though I have been warned not to be disappointed at first lol, I’am the original owner and amazed that a product 30 years old is still so relevant ( to me anyway) thanks guys.


I still use my 72 and 90 from 30 years ago. It’s not my main system but it is still very able after all this time. Good to know that you have had yours serviced.

I added a Hicap which I now use elsewhere. That made a big difference. Worth considering.

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Yes would love an Hi-Cap but finding a good one is more of a challenge here, lot’s more knocking about in the UK, but will keep looking

Quel chic type. The best

Michel is a STAR !!!
You will never meet a nicer person in the Audio Business ever !
A true asset to the Naim community this side of the pond.

I , too, wish to thank naim toronto and michel for their excellent service. my unitilite was sent to them just before covid dropped. with an abundance of caution they cut back their staff but continued to work through the eventual backlog of repairs. two months later my ‘lite was returned in tip top condition and has been performing flawlessly since then. very happy and much obliged.

Good to hear Michel is still there after the transfer from Plurison to Naim NA, I’ve previously delt with him several times (not all related to Naim) & he went above & beyond (Plurison in general was outstanding), glad to hear this still seems to be the case.

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