North West Audio Show 2024

The North West Audio Show at Cranwich Hall is on Saturday.

I will be going with two HiFi friends from Lancaster.

Is anyone going and does anyone want to meet up for a chat?

I’m certainly hoping to be there Saturday. Disruption to bus services will make getting into Manchester and then out to Holmes Chapel by rail something of a challenge but i’ll hopefully be setting off early enough for it to not matter. I’ll be easy enough to identify as the bloke with the white cane with no ball on the bottom of it.

I’ll be there on the Sunday, happy to meet up. I’ll wear my Naim T-Shirt again, hoping that I will be mistakenly identified as a Rep so I can walk out with a 6 piece 300 system under my arm :wink:


Got tickets for both days as it’s only 10 miles up the road for me.

Perhaps we should meet in the café at 10 to 11…?

Sorry, I won’t be there on Sunday. I was lucky enough to get a pass from my wife for the Saturday! :grinning:

I was planning on Saturday originally, but something came up. I hope you have a great time. Hopefully catchup next year!

Yes, it would be great to have another chat.

See you there next year.

Going with Mrs twofifty. Always an enjoyable day out.

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Hoping to go but undecided which day

Going Sunday as off to Kelsall steam rally on Saturday.

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Got tickets for Saturday, I’ll be the one trying to pry the cheque book out of Mrs Tonedeaf’s vice like grip :roll_eyes:


I’ve created a pictorial representation of all my kit showing cables, network devices etc. The plan is to print it off and hand it to various people on Sunday, and see what they all say should be my next move. Bet I dont get two the same.

Probably most of them would be trying to sell you something which will make your system much much better.

And I’m sure they will be correct Jim :rofl:

Sadly, can’t make it this year as out of the country. Mind you, my bank account took such a hit after the last two shows, that’s probably a good thing.

Still, I’d be interested in reading about if anyone would like to report their experiences.


I’m interested to read any reports on how the active T808’s sounding in the Acoustica room

Dull & heavy. Last year it was Kef Blades in the Acoustica room - at £30k a pop I thought them a rip off. If I was Naim I’d get up to the show and demo their own equipment. The Acoustica space is an awful place to demo anything (Brady’s the same so he was also under selling Naim). Kudos were also demonstrating their new active box thing in their own room. They were using Chord again this year but playing the most mind numbingly boring music. So that was bland.

Best rooms DNA Audio from Otley. Playing records on their Demo Naim turntable in an attempt to sell it. With the Naim 50 and some old fashioned looking speakers (Tannoy I think) they were making real music. Audio Counsel who demo Audio Note better than Audio Note themselves. Again playing music on CD and Vinyl which they enjoy and recommend. Brian and Trevor’s playing Linn streamer/Kudos 606. Less involved with the music but a very sophisticated sound.

Great record fair. Lovely day out. No money exchanged hands on hifi. It’s a lovely venue.


Here you go… Nait 50 next to the Nait 1. The speakers were indeed Tannoys - Super Gold Monitor 10s - very nice indeed.

The Tannoys in the next room along were even better - Stirling III LZ Special Edition. They were partnered with Sugden Sapphire amps no less (same as mine). Superb :slightly_smiling_face:

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I heard some lovely new Neats - Neat Momentum Jet S. Lovely sounding speaker, and quite a step up from the Petite Classics (and so they should be at £5K a pair).