North West Hi-Fi Show 2022

Anyone going next week. I’ve enjoyed my previous visits especially looking through the Diverse Vinyl racks!

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Aye… looking forward to it and its just down the road from my house (not to been to one in years).

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Not been to a NW hifi show since the 80’s when they use to host it at the Last Drop Village in Bolton. Then I did move East to Hull for a few years then South to London. Been to one in London sometime in the 00’s I remember being wowed by Sooloos.

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Anybody know where it’s being held???

Cranage Hall.


I’ll be there on the Saturday. I think @JimDog said he was planning going

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I’ve done it a few times but always come away under-whelmed. The sense that some had a real commitment to a show in the North West but allied to some pretty unexciting not to say dull and predictable products. Others had blatantly come up from down South because their manufacturers felt they ought to be there and we’re quite happy to publicly say that. The broadcasting of a fairly indifferent and superior air.

It’s a pleasant enough venue and enjoyably low key day or so but it doesn’t really feel essential.


Yes, I am going on the Saturday with my 2 hifi mates.

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I’m going — it’s only a few minutes drive for me.



Cheshire posse :smile:

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When I saw this I immediately thought this show must be in the North West of the USA as it is usually Americans that assume all post readers are from their country. It was only when I saw Bolton and Hull mentioned I realised it was in the UK.
From a quick web search, it seems like it is being held in a beautiful location.

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Yes it’s a very nice location. Just a shame they don’t let you stay overnight in a campervan.

We’d have happily paid for & used their restaurant and spa for the two days. Can’t understand not being able to, it’d bring them income, their loss I suppose!

@Richieroo are you going to Carnage??

OK - I’ll make a proposal.

From what I remember there is a bar downstairs in the hotel.

I’ll go there at 2:15 and order a diet Coke with one lump of ice and a slice of lemon.

I wear specs with black rims and green side arms.

If anyone introduces themselves as Naim forum users, so be it.

If not, I’ll have a cool drink before exploring more rooms at the show.

I may be with other Hi-Fi friends.


Sorry something has cropped up and can’t make it gutted…

No worries, Rich.
Have a good weekend.

Just booked for tomorrow as just 20 minutes away. See one or two folks no doubt!


Going on the Sunday. My son was originally going to join me for a father’s day outing, but now he cant make it, so solo.
There’s nothing I particularly want or need at the moment, but I could be tempted to treat myself to something … anything … who knows?!!
Looking forward to it.

Can you let me know how it goes…apprantly Sean Jacobs is there … a really decent guy who does some great psu’s…

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Yes, I know Sean.

I’ll go and see him.

I may even go again on Sunday as my wife is away with the children.

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