North West Hi Fi Show 2023

The North West Hi Fi Show is on next weekend 17th 18th June at the De Vere Cranage Estate, The Cranage Hotel, Holmes Chapel, always a entertaining show with free entry but you have to download free tickets from the show app. Acoustica will be in attendance so expect a top Naim system to be on display and there seems to be a few new products shown for the first time, all in all a very good show.


Always good to support these shows….not available….hope it goes well.

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Doug Brady will also be there with the new Nait 50, and 200/300 editions - looking forward to it. Will be there on the Saturday :blush: .


I sense a little jolly coming up! :grinning:

Yeah, I’m going to take a look around on Sunday. Not buying of course….

Of course not, but take your credit card just in case you need to buy lunch, or something :wink:

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Can’t go as tied up with sister in law’s 50th birthday celebrations

I’ll be there on Sunday, it’s a short drive for me. Just hoping it won’t prove as expensive as last year!


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@JimDog will you be there again this year?

I’m attending too since I am in the market for a decent set of speakers for my 300dr/282HC combo.

Yes, but only on Sunday.

Ah - I just read your post above that you’re going on Saturday.

Would have been good to meet up for a cuppa.

I can’t go on Saturday because I’m getting a lift with two of my Lancaster music and HiFi friends.

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Ah, what a pity, I can only do Saturday - perhaps catch you next year :slight_smile:

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Yes, let’s do that. :grinning:

IIRC there’s a person called Chris from Naim doing a talk at Doug Brady’s stand mid-morning on Saturday?

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I’ll be there on Saturday too.

Look forward to seeing (and hearing) the Nait 50 in the flesh :slightly_smiling_face:


This will be my first visit to a hifi show, any tips for a newbie? Thanks in advance.

Take a pair of RayBans with you, just in case, otherwise the glare from the lights reflecting off all the bald heads may prove distracting. :joy:



I shall also bring a hat to avoid adding to the glare! :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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I see you have a TT. My first time was last year, and while I dont possess a TT, I did find the various sellers interesting. I could imagine if you are into your TT, money may well be lifted from your load.

It can get quite crowded, so you may have to wait for a seat in some rooms if you are particularly interested, then you can feel a bit trapped if you want to get out before they finish their waffle. Everyone friendly, and there is a bar downstairs. The layout is higgledy piggledy, which makes it far more interesting when a new corridor of sellers appears when you thought you had seen it all. It also could well be quite warm with all those people.

You might also meet other Naim Forum members when you are there. I’ll be wearing my black Naim T-shirt, so feel free to tap me on the shoulder if you like.

All thoroughly enjoyable.

Firstly - be amazed at the level of gear available - and the cost!
Second - enjoy the music - if you hear anything you like!
Third - forget what you thought you heard - music always sounds different on your own system in your own room!
Fourth - don’t take your credit card!

Seriously - just enjoy it
It’s a nice place to meet with fellow music enthusiasts and swap stories etc.
I should be there on the Sunday - you’ll know it’s me cos I’ll have my Naim on my chest!


Thank you very much, that’s very kind of you. I’m attending on my own so don’t be alarmed if a large Welsh chap taps you on your shoulder. It’ll be me. :smiley::wales:

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