Not connecting to NAS

Hi, I have a Naim ND5 XS2 and a Buffalo NAS. For some reason when I connect to the NAS it is unable to find any music. I have been using the system for over two years and it’s been ok. I can connect other devices to the NAS and they work fine. I have reset the ND5 XS2 and it still doesn’t work. It is wired in to my home network. Can anyone help?

Are you running a media /upnp server on the nas?

Yes, it was all working last week, now it’s not.

Are you using ios16 on an iPhone? This is stopping some people and slowing down others a bit, while others are unaffected :person_shrugging:

It is taking from 5 to around 30 seconds for me to connect - varies quite a bit

I am. Do you think it’s that?

Hi, I have just tried an old iPad, that’s is using version ios12, and it still isn’t working.

You say you have upnp installed… is it actually running?
What other devices do you say are successfuly connecting to the NAS? Are they normal network computers or devices that require upnp?
Which Upnp is it? May be worth uninstalling and reinstalling it.

I am using a Sonos and a LG tv, the tv won’t play the FLAC files, it plays other files, but it shows that the NAS is working.

The app is working fine on my Mac and iPad but not iPhone so if all broken for you then looks like something else

I don’t know which upnp is installed in the NAS, it would be the one that is built into it. I just don’t understand why it was working last week and not now. I haven’t adjusted anything in the NAS.

Try turning your phone off and on. I have to this after every Apple update to use UPnP

I have but also when I use an old iPad it’s the same. It see the NAS but it doesn’t show any files.

It may be that your NAS has done an update of some sort and the upnp app has failed to restart.
Look in the app manager on your NAS via your computer and ensure the upnp program is running.

Have you tried to reset naim app? no new installation is required.

I will do that. My TV still connecting ok.

Yes I have, it didn’t change anything.

Left the building.

I think the OP stated that the streamer is seeing the NAS, just not any music files on it.

It is seeing the NAS, and saying there’s no files on it. I have reset the NAS , without deleting what’s on it, but it’s still the same. I will give Naim a call and see if they can help.

I would try installing MinimServer on your NAS and then use the app on the NAS to confirm it is running and is pointing at your music share.