Not NC 200 or 300 Experiences?

The forum is awash with news, posts and thoughts relating to the newly launched 200 and then 300 series “New Classic” (NC) items. It’s brilliant. It’s so great to read about these newly conceived pieces, complete new systems, listening reports and individual stories. I’ve personally followed most of the threads and debates to date, with so much interest. For my part, I’m most interested in the new NAC 332 pre-amp controller.

At the start of the year, 2023, ( like many other forum members), I was already working towards an end game system goal, when the NC 200 series was announced.

At the first opportunity, I went to see and hear NC 222+300+250. I was really impressed. So, went back a second time for a more studied examination. In the end, considered that my end game aspiration was better served by completing on collecting “Original Classic” (OC) pieces, as planned.

Don’t get me wrong. Thoughts relating to NC 222+300+250 were all positive. However, my thoughts were a slightly different sound signature, rather than a significant upgrade, compared to my intended end game OC system direction. Also, considering the costs of a complete change over to 200 / 300 series didn’t make much economic sense (to me) either.

I went a different way…

A SuperNAIT3, a HiCap DR psu , ND5 XS2 streamer and one or two other new bits and bobs have come into our house during this year. For clarity, I’m really happy with what “green logo” ND5 XS2 + nDAC —> SN3 + HCDR does, for example, compared to NC 222 —> NC250. (Note : We already had the nDAC and box count doesn’t really bother us). Albeit, there is a different voice to these two systems, apparent in the years of evolution between them. But, I’m even more happy for what I’ve paid to get to this level of sound quality. So, I guess it is also a question of value. Or perception of value, that influenced buying decisions too.

All good for Naim. The brand still got my money. But the budget was spent on Original Classic “green logo” items, rather then newly styled “white logo” pieces, etc.

Original Classic isn’t broken and will live on for years yet…
The new (ish) OC system we have at home makes music beautifully.

Mark Twain once said, “reports of my death are greatly exaggerated”. When in fact he quietly lived on, unnoticed, elsewhere. In recent months, it feels like the same might be said of Original Classic, or indeed any of the previous Naim design periods.

Anyway, it occurs to me, aside from all the NC 200 and 300 great systems, there has also been a healthy trade in OC items too. Naim system owners buying up new pieces, while still available, etc. It seems others have done same or similar and this has been a quiet, low key, less reported phenomenon, this year…

Have you invested in a new “Original Classic” system, or maybe just added new OC pieces during 2023.

So, let’s hear it for recent Original Classic purchases, (particularly if following an evaluation of 200 or 300, however brief). Let’s give Original Classic some love too …

Do celebrate your “Not NC 200 or 300 series” system stories from 2023, here…




I swapped from sn3 to 282/hcdr/250dr this year. Its a brilliant upgrade. Part of the reason I chose this year to demo higher level “old classic”boxes was the potential for bargains with the 200 and 300 series coming in. I’m loving my system, and use it everyday.


Exactly the same here. Went from SN2 to 282/HiCap DR/250 DR this year. Got a great deal on ex-demo gear from my dealer and couldn’t be happier.


@dmu @TabooKahuna

Nice that you moved forward with such a large step. Along the way, did you consider NC items ?

boooo! I feel excluded, as we finished our OC journey in mid-late 2022 :laughing:

We did this in the full knowledge of what was coming, taking advantage of discounts/deals along the way. Our 252 and 300 were some of the last built to order.

The stars might still hold a 552, or 332/350, time will tell.

The task of convincing SWMBO to trade in the Sonus Fabers she bought (and so loves) is underway, unlikely to be a quick task. Little point in ND555/552 or 332/350 with current speakers, they are the limiting factor in current system.

We’ve spent the last year just enjoying the music (and TV) :smile:


I thought about it but I wanted to keep pre-amp and streamer separate so my options would have been either a mixed system with 282/hcdr/nc 250 which I was concerned would lead to further upgrades and would have been a good bit more money, or 332/nc250 which would have been a lot more money and I was worried it would need a 333 to really shine.

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Couple nDAC for sale just now, including a 2014 which should be a good bet.


The one with second hand hifi looks great, even a good buy. It has a little mark on the top panel. These can be replaced, (for a charge), just ask a dealer.

However, the one in Hong Kong has been for sale quite a while now. Personally, I’d be asking the buyer for images and more information.

Hope that helps anyone looking…

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I wouldn’t buy outwith UK. Good price, the other (and short warranty for peace of mind).

ALMOST tempted for the office.

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Me too :thinking:

But no, saving for other things.
Like a PSU for the one we have already

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I’m in with a grin. Grabbed a new ND555 as part of the fire sale of old classic gear down under. It goes with a pre-loved 3 year old NAC552 that I got at the end of last year at a great price.

I think with clearance stock and second hand gear you can go much higher in the range with classic gear over the new 300 range for a much lower cost.


I did demo the NC 222/300/250 against the OC 282/HCDR/250 DR at the dealer’s before making a decision. Same room, same speakers. Source for OC was NDX 2 (which I have at home). For me the Old Classic setup was easily superior so that was the day I walked out with the OC gear at a really great price. I knew what was coming with the 300 series would likely be better but at quite an increased cost.

I have been really happy with my decision and should I wish to upgrade in the future to 252/SC/300 DR I can do so second hand - again at great savings. At the moment, though, I have no desire to upgrade and am just enjoying the music.


Can you describe in what way you felt the OC system delivered superior sound compared to the NC system? I’d imagine the source (NDX 2 with 555 PS) is more detailed/refined than the NSC 222 with NPX 300, as its list price is higher, but was it more a question of taste? I understand the NC kit sounds somewhat different to OC.


Your opinion mirrors that of a couple of dealers we use.

NDX2/282/HCDR preferable to 222/300 as a source. Of course you won’t read that on the 200 series threads and it’s all subjective/personal opinion anyway. One dealer said NDX2 is just more detailed.

The 250NC is the star of the 200 series is their opinion.

Did dealer not try you with 282/250NC, most seem to rate the amp highly?

The 300 series is a different story, dealers love the 332/300.


To me the OC in this case was better, not just different. Yes: the NDX 2 (at the dealer’s with XPS DR, not the 555 PS DR I have at home) was likely the reason the sound was more refined, but it’s hard for me to say which components were responsible for the system being better. There was overall more weight and impact, better separation of instruments, and the low end especially was better textured and resolved. It was just more involving.

The speakers were Sopra 2s, by the way, so very revealing.

I hope this helps!


Hi there - no, unfortunately I did not try 282/HCDR with the NC 250. That would have been interesting, though.

I am looking forward to hearing the 333/332/300 kit when it comes in, but I’m sure I’ll be sticking with OC for now and for the foreseeable future.

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Looking at your system in your profile, the source is fantastic and the amplification at a high enough level to make the 300 series not worthwhile. A very expensive sideways movement perhaps unless you just added the 350s.


Thank you for your thoughtful observations. That’s useful to understand.
Actually, I’m more than happy with everything, with no desire for further upgrades.

Our new (ish) OC system is a delight. For now, just enjoying playing a lot of music.

A caveat is to never rule anything out, for the future :wink:

Best wishes


I too have a NDX2 into SN3 + HICAP DR. I changed my speakers from B&W 805d3 to ATC Smc40 passive and added a 250DR power amp on the end of the SN3. To me the ATC’s needed more control.
I did audition the new 250 and it was great, faster and the extra wattage was noticeable but the 250DR still sounded good and as you said different. The price difference did play its part including the end of line discount. Sometimes price is a factor, changing the speakers and adding an amp at the same time.
Yes, if a suitably priced 2 nd hand 282 appeared then be happy to audition trading in against the SN3, also a power supply for the NDX. Has anyone auditioned the new power supply on the end of a NDX2? Be good to hear if justifies the extra expense over a trade in XPSDR.
In the meantime very happy, never say never. The above upgrades mentioned would be my end game ( I am sure many others have said the same), but not guaranteed I will go there.