Nova + 250dr

Has anyone tried the above? Was it a good upgrade?
Speakers are Spendor A4’s

It is a very popular combination with a few forum members and 250DR amps are available at bargain prices at the moment. Personally, I think as an endpoint I would go for an NDX2 with a Supernait 3 but as a step towards a separates system it is a good step forward. I had a Star with a 250DR for a while and it worked very well with my ATC SCM40s. When I upgraded to an NC222/NPX300 I kept my 250DR initially.

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Thanks for that. I would go for the NDX2/SN3 but they are just too expensive for me really at the moment…

I’m not sure what is wrong with your current setup?

To be honest, nothing wrong, I have just got the upgrade bug! :smiling_face:

There have been lots of threads about this, which will be revealed by a Forum search. I once sold a 250DR to someone with a Nova and they told it me it made little if any difference. They later changed to a NDX2 and 282, which is a much better match for a 250DR. It’s not something I would do; the Nova is designed as an all in one and is excellent when matched with the right speakers.

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Thanks HH, I think I will divert my cash to tweaking my Turntable instead. :+1:

Always a good plan.

Out of interest, is the Nova a second system? Your profile shows an Atom and ATC 20ASLTs. That sounds wonderful; I have long fancied a pair of the 20As.

Ah, no I sold those. I must update my profile! By chance I popped into my local dealer who was doing a dem of the Spendors with the Nova and I was very impressed.
I never thought I would move away from ATC but the Spendors were simply better all round, especially at normal to lower volumes. Suddenly I had low Bass and amaising imaging. I also had a lot of grief with the 20’s so I had sort of fallen out of love with them. Drive unit rebuilds and amp rebuilds, you name it they had it. Even had to have new Lucar connectors on the cables between the drive units and amp packs! Perhaps they just didnt suit my room…

Interesting. Given the Nova and A4s work so well for you, a good record player makes a lot of sense if records are important to you. Rega’s Planar 8 is lovely, and wouldn’t cost more than a used 250DR.

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