Nova 8ohm running 6ohm

I am seeking advice from anyone running a Uniti Nova with Q Acoustic Concept 50’s.

Specifically the Nova is rated at 8 ohm, and the Q50’s are rated at 6 ohms. I’ve looked for stats on the site and can’t find any information that helps.

Provided it’s not too reactive, a nominal 6 ohm impedance is just fine (quite normal and benign) I would say. The Q50s are quite sensitive and not too difficult to drive so the Nova should have no problems with them at all.


Just to add …… Naim publish the Nova at 80W into 8 ohms and 155W into 4 ohms, so has a good reserve headroom for the 6 ohm Q50’s.
Also an independent test by the US magazine Stereophile found the Nova delivered 103W into 8 ohms and 160W into 4 ohms.
The same magazine tested the Q50 and says …. “as long as the partnering amplifier is comfortable driving 4 ohms, the Concept 50 won’t present it with any drive problems”
Search “www Stereophile” for both test reports.

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Uniti Atom’s are often run with Neat Iotas, as I do myself. It’s a popular combination. The Neats are 6 ohms and not that sensitive, but I’ve never heard of anyone having a problem.


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Not a Nova, but my Star used to drive Dali speakers (all Dali is 6 ohm impedance, long as I know) with no issue whatsoever. Now it’s driving Sopra N.1.
So I think shouldn’t be any issue with Nova to 6 ohm.

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Note that loudspeaker impedances are “nominal” values. In reality, there’s very little difference between a speaker spec’d as 4 ohm, 6 ohm or 8 ohm - just overlay their impedance curves and you’ll be hard pressed to distinguish.

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