Nova and Shahinians

I have just bought a Nova. Current speakers are Kans mark 1. I am thinking of a replacement for the Kans. Aesthetics are very important [I have used up my get out of jail cards], as well as quality but I don’t want to compromise too much on quality. I am thinking if Shahinian Compass. Does anyone have any experience of the combo? The other speakers of interest are Sonus Faber Concertinos but finding them in good nick looks v.difficult

I haven’t heard a Nova with the Shanians but I have with the Neat Iota Xplorer and it was a very good combination. Both the Xplorers and their smaller brothers, the Neat Iota Alphas, may well pass the aesthetics test?

I reckon you’ll be fine with the Compass. The Nova has plenty if clout so I don’t think it will struggle. Some older Shahinians were considerably harder to drive that their later Mk2 versions so maybe bear that in mind if you’re buying used. If in doubt talk to the imported, Pear Audio who are very helpful and know Shahinians well.
I vaguely recall @james_n driving his with a Nait so it that can cope the Nova should manage too.

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Agreed. They are beautiful

… I am in touch with Pear. I will be auditioning Obelisks when work permits. Thanks for the vote of confidence

Then you probably already know that Obelisks need plenty of power, whereas the Compass and Arc 2 are less demanding.

Thanks. I did know. I will listen and decide. One expectation is that they will be very different from the Kans

I’ve heard an Atom driving Hawks, it did remarkably well considering so a Nova has a good chance but maybe not with older Obelisks.

The Obelisks are a tremendous speaker. Very different from the usual coffins on pins… outstanding for jazz, classical and acoustic blues and pretty damn good for everything else…

Looking very good. Mmm. Looking like a trip after work! Again, I love this forum. Mega help. Thank you

Yep. A very different presentation. I’m very fond of the Compasses and I’m sure they’ll work very nicely on the end of a Nova. As Chris mentions, I did try them with my Nait 1 and whilst the combo worked, they do like a bit more poke.

Malcolm Steward describes them perfectly (and much better than I ever could) below

Hi-Fi Critic Compass Review

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