Nova /ATC SCM7 speakers

Hi this is my first post , I just purchased a nova from a work colleague, I am now looking for suitable small speakers, the SCM 7s look like a worthy contender, is anyone here using this set up? Thank you

If your budget will stretch that far, I’d consider the SCM 11s. They go a bit lower and sound a bit warmer than the 7s and many consider them a little easier to drive. If it’s possible where you live the ideal would be to audition and compare.



I run 11’s with an Atom, works really well. I think the 7’s are a little harder to drive and I would have thought the 11’s would be a better match for the Nova. (Factor in the cost of stands)

Seen a few on eBay for half the cost of new…

As always plenty of speaker options and usual guidance of go and see a dealer and listen to a few. I’m a bit of an ATC fanboy and the 11’s are very good




Yes I can stretch to the 11s , the only problem as I’m only going to be going 9foot away with a solid wall behind me, so thought it might be best to go with a smaller speaker rather than the 11s

Some speakers are designed to go against the wall and some require a little breathing space… my 11’s are 15cm from back wall.

Given your space it would definitely be wise to engage a good dealer, most will do a home demo. Any other approach is pot luck…

The 7s and 11s are both sealed box speakers, in common with all ATC’s Entry series. That does make them easier to position than ported speakers and I doubt you’d have problems using 11s in your situation. I’ve been surprised how forgiving even the 40s I use are in my modestly sized lounge.

But to reiterate, a home audition is best if possible and I’d suggest including other makes in your search. Like Gary I’m an ATC fan but not everyone appreciates their neutral and revealing nature, so best to make sure they suit your musical taste before purchase.


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The PMC twenty5.21i is worth trying too. It works well with a Nova.

If the recent edition no problem.
I once had the very first SCM7, not even my Nap 250 could wake them up, I believe they were 81 or 82db efficiency.

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I owned a pair of ATC 7’s for about a year and can highly recommend them. As always demo at the dealer and at home to ensure they work in your listening environment if at all possible.

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How far apart are they and how far away do you normally sit.

I also have scm11 that are 200mm from wall, 2m apart and I sit about 2.8m away…

What make of stand are they and what height?Thank you

About 6ft apart , distance around 9ft

My stands are lateral audio which work well and I like the style but there are others available. I was going to get the solid steel ones but didn’t like them in the flesh although they do suit some rooms.


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Smaller Dynaudios seem to work well with Unitis…