Nova ,AV amp and SVS Sub!

Hi guys ,hope someone can help me with this. I have a Nova as my stereo source , I have a Arcam 370 for my home cinema . I’m using the Nova for the front left and right speakers with the av fixed volume feature for home cinema. I have a svs sb16 ultra sub connected to the Arcam . Can I also connect my Nova to the svs for stereo duties and if so how would I do this . Im thinking when watching a film the SVS would be getting 2 signals at the same time which wouldn’t be great ! Thanks

You can use a low level connection from the Nova pre out, or a high level connection from the speaker terminals, depending on what inputs are available on the sub. As for having two inputs connected at the same time, you may be OK if you can select which input the sub uses. Otherwise I guess you would need to disconnect the unused

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